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Name: Aiko (from the anime Little Witches Doremi)--First Series

Age: ??


    Body: Bandai (??) bendy body ^____^;;

    Original Price:2980 yen

    Limited to (??) pieces

aiko1.JPG (18370 bytes)


Comments: ^____^  Kristen bought this little girl for me when she was in Japan in the fall of 1999.  HLJ had just listed the first series of Doremi dolls and I didn't think much of them (Bandai isn't exactly on my list of top figure companies^^;;)until they put up pictures.  I fell in love with the big-eyed, Crayola-colored dollies with their cute extra outfits and accessories.  Mind you, the later releases of the Doremi girls were still cute, but the first versions were much higher quality.  I ordered Doremi from HLJ, and Kristen picked out Aiko in a Japanese TRU because she had seen the show and thought her Kansai accent was cute ^^;;.......She said she was really embarrassed, because there were kindergarten-age kids looking at the same dolls she was!  I'm very grateful, though.  Aiko-chan came in her blue witch dress with an extra overalls outfit and .....a pink vinyl accessories bag, I think.  I can't remember ^^;;.....

I picked up Hazuki six months later, when the second series with Onpu and Lovely Hana-chan was released.  I'm pretty sure she's Kristen's, but I can't remember.   ^^;;;.....I was surprised that Onpu was so much smaller than the other 3 girls!   She's still cute, but I wish they had stuck to the old doll designs.....-_-;;;......


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