Alexander's Room


Name: Alexander

Age: 15

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent N

    Head: Volks A-type head hand-rooted with NDR   blue  hair and silver hair

    Facial features painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Studying, spending time by himself, candy

Dislikes: Oversleeping, the ocean

Background:  Alexander is a psychic detective whose powers were awakened after a near-death experience.  He travels with his partner, Stella, investigating and researching supernatural occurrences. A no-nonsense type who is dedicated to his work despite his young age, he seems to be surrounded by an aura of sadness.  He has recently been troubled by dreams of an angel with golden eyes and is determined to discover the meaning behind them.

alexander.JPG (14887 bytes)


Comments:  I finally worked up the nerve to paint this little boy ^o^! I rooted him a looooong time ago--about the time the Machine Suit Lost Angels came out. I used the A-type head because I couldn't get my hands on the SH-06 heads I prefer for male dolls.  No one seems to have much use for these heads any more, and I had a hard time finding the motivation to paint him. Then, a few nights ago I had a dream that my house caught on fire and he burned up before I had a chance to finish him. How depressing is that?

I originally found the idea for his design from an insert that came with one of Kristen's Hunter x Hunter manga. ^___^ Everyone was dressed up in black suits and their coloring was all funky. ^__^;;....Clapika had blue hair and blue eyes, and I thought that looked like a nice idea for a doll. I made Alexander's hair longer and his eyes are smaller, but, you can see the resemblance!

Leene's Comments:  If he's dreaming about whom I think he is, he's more than a few years too young for her! O_o


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