Amanda's Room


Name: Lost Angel Amanda (Long Coat Version)

Age: 20


    Body: Excellent B

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

     Limited to 1000 pieces

amandadawn1.JPG (22042 bytes)


Comments:  Amanda is the doll that first made me interested in Volks.  Isn't she pretty *^_^*?  She has an unusual head-mold compared to the other Lost and Dark Angels; her face is small and pointy, and she looks more adult.   And  more spunky, if you ask me ^^....She's a little hard to redress because of her face and unusual coloring, but believe me, it's well worth the effort! I love her neutral make-up. There are some beautiful pictures of Amanda on the Web.  I hope that someday I can take some nice pictures of her, but my camera is too cheap ^^;;........

According to Volks, Amanda works as a maid, but she really is a spy for Shino trying to steal secret plans for a weapon....^^  I wonder who would hire a maid that looked like her?  Her rival is Malirm. 


Leene's Comments:  Amanda-sama is always fun to have around.   Even though she looks cold, she's usually the life of the party.

What's that?  Are you going to do your Malirm impression again?   That's a little old -_-;;;;...........




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