Anise's Room


Name: Anise

Age: 7

Creation Info:

    Volks Mini Super Dollfie Kit (Myu-type)



Background:  Anise is Fuuka's younger sister.   She is cheerful and extroverted, with a love for beautiful things  that is unusual for a girl her age. She enjoys being the center of attention, but is generous to a fault. She is fiercely protective of Saffron and insists that they're twin sisters, even though Saffron is adopted.


anisesilvergold.JPG (30622 bytes)


Comments: Here's Myu #2! Somehow, we ended up with two orders placed (one with Frill Frill and one with D&H, for insurance purposes, ha ha!) and I took it on myself to buy the second kit. We had no intention of selling her, but my heart went out to her just the same ^_____^. Mini SDs are so cute! Who cares if we have three?

 In order to differentiate her from Saffron (and Miyako, because Myu, Maggie, Sakura and Nasya all have the same face mold) I'm going to try to use only 18mm eyes in her.

I painted her mouth full like Miyako's, but in berry shades instead of flesh tone.  I lined her eyewells rather meticulously in dark brown and taupe, and gave her peach eyeshadow and a little blush. She has blonde eyelashes.   The lower ones were a pain to put in! I admit that she looks kind of strange next to the other dolls, but she's starting to grow on me.  Kristen keeps accusing her of picking on Saffron, but I'm sure she'd never do such a thing ^o ^!

Leene's Comments: Anise-chan says that I'm her idol! Now, how can you go wrong with that?