Anna's Room


Name: Anna

Age: 26

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent B

    Head: Neo head hand-rooted with 12C gold hair

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

neogirl3.JPG (27290 bytes)


Creator's Comments: Unbelievably, Anna started off as Gremio from Suikoden. 0_0  But I didn't think the Neo head's lips and nose were right for him, so I decided to use the N head for him and intended to finish rooting his old head and sell it...only I had a spare Excellent B body lying around, and Anna was born.   All of the photos I have of her are hopelessly blurry, but I'm quite satisfied with how she turned out. I tried to make her have heavier eyelashes and give her "dewy eyes" in order to combat the severity of the Neo head--I had always wanted to try making a classy, feminine looking lady with the Neo head. ^^; I did her eyes in purple and Venetian Rose, and her lips are done in taupe and some more Venetian Rose. ^^ I'm a big fan of Venetian Rose.

When I finished her, Lauren told me she looked like Sarah Jessica Parker.   After I beat her, she agreed that "Sarah Jessica Parker wishes she looked like that!" ^^;;;;  I put her up on eBay and she's found herself a new home. ^__^ She is the first custom doll I've sold.


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