Annelinde's Room


Name: Annelinde

Age: 20

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks New Excellent  A

    Head: Volks A-type head handrooted with pink and violet A Noix de Rome hair

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Reading, birds, stargazing

Dislikes: Short-tempered people, hot weather, being alone

Background: Annelinde is the quiet and refined daughter of a nobleman who was always taught that her role in life was that of a political asset, nothing more.  Sheltered from all hardship by her affluent background, her sense of security was shattered when her father tried to force her into marrying a widowed king in order to increase his own political influence.  Her bodyguard encouraged her to run away and go into hiding in an elf village where humans are normally never allowed.   The villagers took pity on her for being used by greedy humans and for several years she has been treated as a beloved child, but wonders if she will ever be  anything other than a prize.

annal2.JPG (19585 bytes)


Creator's Comments: I admit, pink and purple mesh was a weird idea, but I like the way it turned out.  I guess you could say that Annelinde was my attempt to merge a bunch of doll projects together because I didn't have enough money/didn't want to use one of those new prerooted heads. ^^ I wanted to make her hairstyle look like one of the female characters from Final Fantasy Tactics.   Annelinde is one of the dolls that I'm the happiest with.  And her name is taken from a variety of tulip that I planted last fall(though it is a real female name, ha ha!)  Annelinde tulips are the same as Angelique tulips, but they have striped leaves and a fragrance, but I guess that unless you've seen an Angelique tulip, that's meaningless, right?

Webmistress's Comments: Heh heh heh.....this is my favorite doll of hers! (Kristen's ^^).  She's so lovely and delicate.  I think a silver-blue or silver-green version of her (or something like her) would be neat! Maybe you could call her Angelique?

Leene's Comments: Come to think of it, Annelinde-san does looks kind of like a trophy!  Must be the gold dress...oh ho ho......



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