Archangel Kisara's Room


Name: Archangel Kisara

Age: ??


    Body: EB NEO Teens

    Original Price: 12,800 yen

     Limited to ?? pieces


Comments:  So, this is Kisara's true form? Apparently, she just pretends she's a child for the fun of it. This lovely doll has long milky pink/salmon pink mesh hair and interesting snap-on armor. You can tell by her eyes that she's definitely Kisara! Her lace-up shoes don't fit quite right, but she's so pretty that I'm looking forward to seeing her redressed!

She's Kristen's reward after missing out on that Ryundel doll. I think that Archangel Kisara is nicer, anyway. ^___^


Leene's Comments:  And I thought she was so innocent....=_=...


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