Arisa's Room


Name: Arisa

Age: 21

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent G , white-skinned

    Head: Volks prerooted black A-type head, white-skinned

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Cooking, playing the piano, video games

Dislikes: Thunderstorms, noisy  people, the color orange

Background: Arisa is a quiet, sensible young woman who lives in Tokyo with two orphaned teenagers who are under her care.  She works as a singer in a nightclub in order to support her "family" and attend college part-time.   Although she tries to cover it up with her strong sense of morals and responsibility, her sense of self has been nearly shattered since she lost her mother and twin brother seven years ago in an event she blames herself for.  Strange things happen when she sings....

arisarepaint6.JPG (21611 bytes)


Comments: I know, she looks younger than 21....^^;;.......with her G body she's very tall and skinny.  I wanted her to be an urban-type who takes charge in many situations but has a tender and vulnerable side ^^.....I originally wanted to give her short hair and make her look like a grown-up version of Hotaru from Sailor Moon, but the hair on the prerooted head seemed too thin.  Now that I look at her, it probably would've been okay, but I'm not cutting her hair now! ^o^

Believe it or not, I based her personality on Clapika from Hunter x Hunter.  Oh, no one's going to believe that!  But if I had cut her hair, maybe it would've been more clear....O_o....


Leene's Comments: Actually, Arisa-san and Clapika-san get along pretty well, even though you'd never believe it.  The two of them can sit at the same table for hours and read the same magazine, never saying a word.  I'm sure it's just platonic, though.  Arisa-san is a little too old for Clapika-san, don't you think?

5/20/02: I repainted her ^____^;;......thought it was about time.   I even got the yellow paint off!  Yay! ^o^


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