Asuka's Room


Name: Jin Asuka

Age: 17?


    Body: Beauty-type body ( I replaced it with  New Excellent A ^^)

    Original Price: 8,800 yen

    Limited to ??? pieces

asukacafe1.JPG (15325 bytes)


Comments: I bought this doll to console myself during the time I couldn't find Lagla ^^.....she's supposed to be the main character from a live-action show called "Masked Angel Rosetta," or something like that ^___^;;......the actress is a typical Japanese idol, but the doll doesn't resemble her in the least. 

Strangely enough for an "afterthought", Asuka is extremely pretty and one of my favorite dolls.  She came with a non-posable body that I replaced with New Excellent A.  If anyone thinks she looks familiar, it's because she has the same eyeprint (and pretty much the same face) as Lost Angel Ming-rei.  I like to call her "Super Lingerie Ming-rei" sometimes ^^....I prefer her shag haircut to Ming-rei's pigtails, anyway.....only a few Ming-reis have brown eyes now, but the resemblance is clear enough....^^


Leene's Comments:  I've never seen Asuka's show before....I'm not really into those sentai shows, though I'll never turn down a good episode of Law and Order.  ^_^   Asuka is a nice girl, very unintrusive.  I hear she likes to play the flute in her spare time...

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