Belldandy's Room


Name: Belldandy (Blue Dress Version)

Age: 19(?)


    Body: Dynamite (SAJ) Body

    Original Price:13,800 yen

    Limited to 1000 (??) pieces

bell2.JPG (30795 bytes)


Comments: Such a beautiful doll.....and so damn expensive (sorry, the price was worthy of a curse ^_^;;)!  The exchange rate was good when I bought her, so she cost me $105, but geez!  Why so expensive?!  This Belldandy was released in a series of Oh! My Goddess dolls by Yellow Submarine, along with another Belldandy in a red goddess dress and a rather unimpressive (in my humble opinion ^^) Urd.   I like blue better than red, and I recognize the blue outfit from the anime, so that's the one I bought.  Isn't she pretty?  That's the Takara Costume Collection Stewardess outfit she's wearing.  I wonder if it's appropriate ^___^?

I wish Yellow Submarine would release a Skuld doll.....I'm not sure what kind of company they are, but they seem to be affiliated with Takara.  Does this mean that Rutee has a Yellow Submarine head mold too?  I wonder.....


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