Caty's Room


Name: Caty (Azone)

Age: ??


    Body: Dynamite SAJ body

    Original Price: 8,800 yen

    Limited to 500 pieces

caty1.JPG (22384 bytes)


Comments: It's another Kaname Byakko doll ^_^!  This one belongs to Kristen (of course) ^^ and was released by Azone in late 2001.  When I first saw her on the Azone homepage I wasn't sure if I liked her, but after a while she started to grow on me, and we decided to order her from HLJ.  She's pretty cute, isn't she?  I hope Azone, Volks or some other company releases some more of Kaname Byakko's dolls.  Caty appears to have the same head mold as Takara Ellie.  Her head is kind of big, but she's still proportional.  And she has white skin ^o^!

The note inside her box states that Kaname Byakko didn't have a specific background story for Caty.  I had seen her before in Dolpa File SP and was surprised that such a "normal"-looking girl was commercially released in a fantasy outfit.  She comes with great accessories!  If you're a fan of Keiko and Hazuka, Caty is a must-have!

Leene's Comments:  Caty-san hasn't used her sword on anyone...yet.  I'm starting to think it's just a fashion accessory! ^_^

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