Cerise's Room


Name: Cerise

Age: 17

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent F, white-skinned

    Head: hand-rooted with Volks red and orange rooting hair

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Candles, painting, sushi

Dislikes: doctors, hot weather

Background: Cerise has been frail since birth and has been forbidden by her doctor and her parents to leave the confines of her home.  Although she hasn't attended school since she was 7, she is highly intelligent with an IQ in the range of 180.   Her illness and abilities have alienated her from her peers; she relies only on her older brother for emotional support and treats everyone else, including her parents, coldly.   She enjoys playing tricks on people and dreams of taking revenge on "normal" people.  At the same time, she is a gentle girl with a refined appreciation for beauty. 


Comments: That's right, I rooted her hair by hand ^o^!  It's red/orange mesh.  It took me a  long time...I nearly gave myself tendinitis because I didn't take enough breaks ^^.  You have to boil saran for a long time to set it after you finish rooting.  I have an electric stove, so I cooked her   head in water on  medium-low for 15 minutes.  I know that seems long but there was no damage to the hair at all.  Thank you, Marugoto Chara Doll!

I painted her eyes first in shades of soft brown(whites included), then went over them in normal eye colors.  I'm not sure what that's supposed to accomplish, but it certainly makes it easier to position the eyes and adjust their shape.   Try it some time!

I really like Excellent F.  It's a good body for people like me who don't like exaggerated proportions but sometimes want to make a doll that's more voluptuous.  I love white bodies, but Excellent K (watermelon bust) seems to be the only one available outside Yahoo!Japan.  It was a rare treat to work with this one.   Thanks, Amora! :D

Now that the well has run dry I'm going to have to go back to using Excellent K. ^___^;;...I don't mind so much any more.  I'm a white body addict, and I'll get my fix in any form I can!

Update: I finally broke down and repainted Cerise.  It hasn't really been that long since I first made her, but there was something not quite right about her ^^;;......she looked too old, or her facial features looked too flat, or something.  After I removed her old paint I re-boiled her hair to make it lie flat (the first time I didn't use hot enough water).  She has bangs now ^^!  And she has green eyes.  I know she looks completely different now, and maybe people won't like her any more....;_;.....but I do love big eyed dolls! ^o^ 


Leene's Comments:  I know there's a lot of talk about Cerise, but she's always been kind to me.  I don't know how she makes it here every night with her parents on guard.  Do you think someone's been helping her escape?  Or is the Sakura Tea Room really part of another space and time, where Cerise's illness is left behind?


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