Claire's Room


Name: Claire

Age: 20

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent D , white-skinned

    Head: Volks prerooted blue A-type head, white-skinned

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Studying, collecting perfume bottles, skiing

Dislikes: Summer, drinking alcohol, surprises

Background: Claire is the assistant to a brilliant female scientist who suffers from a debilitating illness.  She is a solemn, quiet girl who seldom smiles and talks even less  frequently.  Claire spends almost all her time running errands and doing research for her employer, which leads others to speculate that she's not human, but a robot.

clairenew4.JPG (22331 bytes)


Comments: Her name was once Maria, and she had funny-looking eyes ^___^.....I made her a long time ago, and rather than shelf her with my old custom dolls I decided to repaint her.  After all, her head and body combined cost me $80! >_<  I had originally named her Maria to keep myself from buying Lost Angel Maria, because I couldn't afford her ^____^.  I ended up getting Maria anyway, and it seems dumb to have two Volks dolls with the same name, even if one is a commercial doll.

I'm not sure if her eyes can be considered hazel or yellow ^^;;;.....I'd prefer hazel.  Her eyes were darker at first but there wasn't enough difference in the gradation of her iris ^^;;;......

She looks nothing like her original version!  ^o^  She used to look pretty goofy, and I guess it was endearing, but the paint job I did on her looked too amateurish.  I have a few more dolls I need to repaint, but I wanted to do her first because she has white skin and that's always worth it ^_6.

I had to make the light spots in her eyes bigger.  She looked too stoned ^^!  Sorry the new picture's so light, but she is white-skinned, after all.

Update:  I darkened her eyelids.  Big deal, huh ^^?

6/25/02:  Full repaint-y! ^o^  I had a heck of a time painting her, again.  Hope she looks better!

Leene's Comments: A robot ^___^?  Once I saw Claire-san come in so exhausted  from work that she drank 3 iced cappucinos in a row.  I wonder   where she'd put that if she were a machine ^^?


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