Clapika's Room


Name: Clapika

Age: ??

Creation Info:

    Body: prototype Volks Excellent N

    Head: Volks prerooted A-type gold hair head

    Eyes painted with Liquitex paints

clapikasky2.JPG (20784 bytes)


Creator's Comments: Clapika is my 4th custom doll, and my first custom character doll. I got interested in the anime/manga series Hunter x Hunter when I was in Japan in late 1999, and when I started making custom dolls I knew I had to make a doll of him. ^^

I styled his hair after the later part of the manga--in the earlier part, his hair is shorter and parted differently.  I think he forgot to cut his hair. ^^;   However, in the manga, his eyes are brown, not green. I was planning on giving him brown eyes but I wasn't satisfied with the brown paint I had, so I decided to just do his eyes like in the anime.  His outfit is only partly done--I decided to pattern his outfit after the one he wore during his "training session" because it would be easiest, and the outfit he's currently wearing in the series is just about the ugliest thing I've ever seen. ^^;;;;  I gave him Excellent N instead of C because despite what people might think at first glance, Clapika is rather...solidly built.  Too bad the N body still has really skinny arms.

Character-wise, Clapika is ultra-serious, and comes off as being really calm and composed, but he's actually quite reckless and has a tendency to punch people in the face when they get him really angry. ^^;;;  He's quite proud but not particularly arrogant(he doesn't try to make himself out to be better than he really is), and tends to not listen to what other people have to say until it's too late. ^^;  There's a lot more, but I'll leave it at that.

By my standards this doll is quite old, but he still looks pretty cute to me. ^^

Webmistress's Comments:  Looks pretty cute to me too ^^!  Sorry I haven't finished his outfit yet...I can't seem to find the courage to sew the blue poncho ^___^;;;.......shouldn't we do him a favor and dress him better than he does in the show?

Leene's Comments:  Clapika-san may seem cold, but he's actually a very nice person.  He drinks only ginger ale and brings me a can of chestnut creme imported from France every night.  Once, I ate the whole thing straight out of the can in one sitting.  O_o....For three hours I was either bouncing off the walls or draped over furniture.  He was very kind to me *^__^*.

Oh, and he wants people to stop saying he's a girl.  >_<


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