Claudia's Room


Name: Lost Angel Claudia (Party Dress Version)

Age: 20


    Body: Excellent A

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

     Limited to 1000 pieces

claudiadawn2.JPG (23894 bytes)



Name: Lost Angel Claudia (Machine Suit Version)

Age: 20


    Body: Excellent H

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

     Limited to 300 pieces

machineclau3.JPG (19556 bytes)

Comments:  Okay......I admit that she isn't my doll! ^_^  She belongs to my sister, and I'm just showing her off.  Claudia is one hard-to-find Volks doll!  The only place to find her now is Yahoo!Japan, and she rarely sells for less than 25,000 yen.  Now there's a new Summer version with tanned skin and the Elegant body, but I have a feeling that not many people are going to be satisfied with that one....

This is the third version of Claudia, but Volks seems to accept it as the "original" one.  The Angel and Santa versions had a strange hairstyle, and a lot of Japanese collectors were disappointed with them once the Party Dress one was released.  I like the Party Dress version a lot!   Too bad she's not mine.....^o^...

According to Volks, Claudia lives in France.  She's the secretary to a powerful politician, and likes to sing and dance.  She sounds like a real drama queen ^^......the doll is pretty in a dainty but prissy way ^^.....

Claudia's rival is Zarla.  In the Volks Dolpa File SP, there's a picture of Zarla doing some sort of sicko bondage thing on her....I guess that's how she gets revenge ^^;;;..........

3/17/02: The Machine Suit Claudia finally came in ^o^!   After watching Yahoo!Japan for several months and seeing the other Machine Suit dolls (in particular  Maria and Akari),  I wondered if I made the right decision in choosing Claudia.  Well, she looks much better in person ^^!  She has gray eyes instead of the usual violet, and her hair looks like orange juice.  I can't wait to get her a different outfit, though.  The black "machine suit" looks nice, but this one reminds me of that scene in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" when Mike Teavee got shrunk  ^^;;.....I've only managed to lace up one of her boots so far.  Not to mention the fact that the suit is so tight, she can't move her arms and legs ^^;;;;......Lovely doll, though!  She really brightens my day ^o^!


Leene's Comments:  Claudia-sama, how are you feeling?   ;_;....Is your head wound healing nicely?  Yes, I'll make sure none of the Dark Angels  can come in here.  No, I won't put barbed wire around the door--I have an image to uphold!




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