Danae's Room



Name: Danae

Age: 23

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks New Excellent J, tanned

    Head: Volks A-type head, hand-rooted with RestoreDoll Ruby Slippers rooting hair

    Facial features painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Cooking fancy meals, archery, quiet nights

Dislikes: The Supernatural, people with no opinions

Background: Danae is Madalyn's governess and was named her guardian after her parents' deaths. She has a difficult relationship with Madalyn because of the girl's increasingly bizarre behavior. Strong, passionate and often controlling, Danae is talented in many ways but is awkward and almost shy in romantic relationships. She takes her job and life seriously and becomes infuriated by men who flirt with her.


Comments: My first tanned doll! :D And she has a ton of cleavage! I admit that Danae isn't like my usual style, but what's that to anyone? I'm tired of all my dolls looking alike. o_o

I used the RestoreDoll blended hair color Ruby Slippers. I'm usually leery of red but there's no staining here! The color's a bit more red-brown than wine and I wasn't sure how it would look against dark skin, but I think it's all right. Danae has light purple eyes and mint green eyeshadow. I would love to do another tanned doll, they're unusual! Tanned skin and dark purple hair, now that would look nice. ^o^


Leene's Comments: Danae-san thinks that Madalyn-chan hates her but I know she doesn't. She's the closest thing to a mother she's ever had.


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