Dolla's Room



Name: Dark Angel Dolla (Original version)

Age: 18


    Body: New Excellent F, white-skinned

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

    Limited to 700 pieces

dollanew1.JPG (19302 bytes)

Comments: I never thought I'd have a chance to get the original Dolla(this is Kristen speaking ^^;)--Lauren and I missed the big wave of Dolla when she first came out, and after that we had pretty much given up on her. There was a second version of Dolla released, with the Neo body and normal-colored skin, but I don't like her very much, so I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon this one, and I didn't have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get her off Yahoo! Japan or anything! *^_^* 

Before I got Dolla, I thought the streaks in her hair were white, but they're actually silver. Since she's so pale, she's a bit hard to photograph, but I'll just have to try some more later...

Dolla is Maria's rival. She's an evil nurse and likes to hide in the shadows and secretly sabotage everything Maria does, secretly. She's also a mysterious beauty. ^^;;;  I think she is supposed to be the brains of the Dark Angels.

Leene's Comments:  Dolla-sama is a nasty person for picking on poor Maria-sama like that....but you have to admire her style.  Who else could pull off being an "evil nurse?" She looks like she should be a member of that rival band in "Jem," the Misfits.....^^

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