Doll Diary

Hey! This is a private room! >_<


Just kidding, come on in. ^__^ I'll share with you some of my thoughts on doll collecting.




    It's been raining for 3 days.  =_=.....

    The theme of the week is......I'm not sure.   I painted Tsubaki in a style I'm not used to, and I'm not sure if I prefer it to my usual "technique." I seem intent on making things more complicated for myself.   I don't know if I like not having the bottom on the eye defined in black or brown.   I tried to imitate Omoiataru's painting style, because I love the soft look her dolls have.  On Tsubaki, I probably should've drawn the inner corners of her eyes down further, but....oh well.  She doesn't look terrible, and she has green hair! ^_^ She's my first green-haired girlie!  Let us rejoice!

    Speaking of which, I have a prerooted white-skinned green hair head with no body.  I really need to find a body for that head, and soon.  Green hair!

    And.....I saw more pictures of the new Volks dolls.  I've decided that I like Faye more than Beckey, but I can't buy either of them  ^_6.  Because of Fuuka, of course.  Light a candle for me! ^_^

    Kristen says she'll see if she can get me a pair of Volks glass eyes in light orange for Christmas.  In 20mm, for Fuuka.   Strangely enough, I did what said to measure her eyewells, and they were 20mm, not 22mm.  How odd!  I can't believe those aren't 22mm eyes she comes with! Maybe I wasn't measuring them right.  I know that Mimi takes 20mm eyes, but Rio was a customized Nono, and Nono takes 22mm......6_6.....well, I bought 22mm Lifetouch eyes for her, and they still should fit.  I'd like to get 20mm glass eyes, though, because I saw them in a customized New Rio and they looked pretty cute ^_^. Does Volks even make glass eyes bigger than 20mm?


    I got Miyako a new wig! It's a strawberry blonde Global wig with a little flip.  It's very cute!  Kristen kind of pushed me into the order (^______^) because she found a site that sold those Realistic Series 2 glastic eyes we'd both been pining for.  I didn't want to spend any more money, but I figured it was high time I bought Miyako a change of hair ^_^;;.....I ordered teal green and natural hazel 16mm eyes.  They're gorgeous, even prettier than the Lifetouch eyes!  But now I'm even broker....;_;.......

    I keep taking Fuuka out of her box and poking at her, even though I'm not supposed to play with her until the 14th.  Big deal!   The only place we can keep her is my room, anyway.  She's so beautiful ^o^...... she reminds me of a Jenny doll, a great big Jill Stuart Jenny!  I'm going to put a little braid in her hair.  As far as customizing her goes, I wonder if I can just take off the painted upper lashes and put some real ones in?  I might redo her lips, and I want to give her some light blushing on her eyelids, but that's it.  I don't know, I think it'd be stupid of me to take off paint that I'd just be doing over the same way. Hmm......all I know is, I don't want to have to redo the eyebrows!



    October 4, 2002. It was a dreary, rainy day. It was 57 degrees when I woke up and it stayed that way all afternoon.   Drizzling......then, to my surprise, I saw the mailman pulled up to my driveway.   He was carrying a.....rather large box.

    6_6  And I said to myself, "What could that be?" My father is notorious for ordering books over the Internet, but that box had a peculiar.....familiar shape.  Then came the flashbacks.....I knew what was in the box when the mailman made it to my door.

    It was New Makeup Rio! *_*  What the frig?!  Minako e-mailed me 10 days ago and told me that she was backordered and would take a month to come in.  Just this morning I was feeling depressed, wondering if she'd even be home in time for Christmas.  And now.....I can't believe it.  I had no idea she'd come in so soon.  I'm glad Minako didn't tell me she shipped her out, because I'd have lost sleep wondering when she was going to show up.....


    It's been a year it's been a year it's been a year! ^o^  And now she's here now she's here now she's here! ^o^

    My first reaction upon opening her box was "She's gorgeous!"  And I'm a cynical person.  I think the old standard makeup SDs, out of the box, could turn someone to stone. Especially Nono! O_O  If I had ordered the old Rio I'd be taking a chisel to her right now.  I know it sounds awful, but I was really starting to dislike her. I'm a firm advocate of customizing SDs, but she looks so cute......I'll leave her as is for now.


fuuka1.JPG (19951 bytes)


    What do you think? ^_^



    This week was.....pretty eventful in the doll department.  Eventful, I guess ^_^;;.......

    I was so excited about getting New Rio that I decided to repaint Miyako. I had wanted to do it for a long time but couldn't work up the nerve.  Granted, she was my first attempt at painting an SD, but I regretted using so much eyeshadow from the beginning.  I wasn't satisfied with her lips, either.

    Sooooo........I tried to make her look more natural.  I lined her eyes in peach and painted her lips in flesh tone.  It took me a lot longer than I thought it would!  I kept looking at a picture of Kyon's Princess Florina for a guide for the lips.  I tried painting lower lashes, but it didn't look quite right.  I left a few at the corner of each eye ^___^.  It's all so light, it barely shows up!

    I had to keep in mind that colors come out waaaaay darker on the head than they look in the bottle.  I think I did a little better on the eyebrows this time.  Even though she has a black wig, I didn't feel right giving her dark eyebrows.  I'm starting to think that no matter what wig you're planning on using as a default, you should always make the doll's face up like she's going to be a blonde ^^;;.....I used the same makeup colors I'd use on myself.   ^____^;;......I used human cosmetics on her eyelids; I used bright pink blush in the corners and pale pink in the center of the lid.  At first I thought she looked pretty strange, but the different eyes look much more striking now that her makeup isn't so bright.  Even the dark gray glastic and her default eyes, which I hadn't liked before because they have smaller irises than the Life Touch eyes.....

    Speaking of which, I ordered more Life Touch eyes from  I ordered blue, dark green and dark brown 16mm eyes and hazel brown, hazel green and cobalt 22mm eyes for Rio.  Now, the last time I ordered these eyes they took over a month to come in.  I expected to wait forever ^_^!   Luckily, all of the eyes were in stock with their supplier.  Even then, I assumed that since is based in Canada they would take at least a week.  Imagine my surprise when they showed up in the mail 2 days after my order was confirmed! ^o^  It turns out that the distributer is located in my town. ^_^;;;............probably about 15 minutes away from my house.  Too bad they only sell wholesale!

    Life Touch eyes are great!  They're acrylic and cheap as heck, but they're beautiful. My favorite color is hazel green. It's the same color that Kyon used for Princess Florina.  ^_________^

    On a negative note, I tried to paint my Dollfie Plus and found out that I hated it! Not a fun project at all! I really was expecting the head to be made out of the same lovely white resin as the SDs, but it was slippery and shiny... I couldn't even use the same kind of paint.  It felt wrong, all wrong. The wig didn't fit right, and the head mold looked much too pointy. What's the fun of making a doll that's going to look like everyone else's?  There's only so much you can do with that head.   I had such high hopes...but  I've never been so irritated with a doll project in my entire customizing "career." -__-;;.......I gave up.   I'm keeping the body, though.  The Dollfie Plus body is neat ^_______^.

    I was surprised.......I thought I'd be overwhelmed by the difficulty of painting an SD, but it's the Dollfie Plus that's harder to customize!




    It's really going to happen, it's really going to happen! 

    Minako placed an order with Volks for my New Makeup Rio! :D  I'm so excited! ::sings::  She's backordered, but she should come in a month.  1 month =4 weeks=shorter than I used to have to wait for my HLJ orders!  Even if she takes a little longer than that, as long as she's here in time for Christmas, I'll be happy happy. 

    Happy. ^o ^

    I'm going to see if I can buy some chalk pastels at Michaels.  Even though I can't use them for Rio right away, Miyako is in dire need of a makeover.  This time, I'm going to go lighter on the eyeliner.  I know that almost everyone uses 18mm eyes on their mini SDs, but Kristen has forbidden me from carving open the insides of her eyewells.  *^^*....well, I'm starting to think the 16mm eyes look better more often than not.  I'd be afraid of hurting Miyako, anyway ^____^;.......I think Volks has started to make 16mm glass eyes.

    Eyelashes!  Where am I going to find eyelashes?

    I hope the Volks ones aren't too hard to get.   "Real" eyelashes are a must with these dolls.  I'd go for brown or even blond. Not black!  That looks way too harsh.  I don't know if I like using eyelashes on the bottom of the eye,'d probably be better to paint those.   Lightly.  I don't want my doll to look like a freak....;_;...I  do like strange coloring with 1/6 scale dolls, but I prefer SDs to look natural. For the most part ^^;;.....

    I was thinking....for Rio.....a long, blond, wavy wig and light orange eyes?  I'll never make up my mind...

    On to other topics! .....As I suspected, the Dollfie Plus wig I ordered from HLJ turned out to be Natural, not Pearl White.  And there's really no point to returning it, because they probably mislabeled all their wigs and never had Pearl White in the first place.  ::sighs::  It's okay, though.   I'm going to use the wig for Dollfie Plus Leene anyway.  It's a pretty color, and reminds me of Fairy Field Jenny.  Come to think of it, the Pearl White did look kind of artificial....^_^;;......Leene doesn't have white hair, anyway!  A metallic ash-blonde would probably look more appropriate than pure white.  I wish Volks made silver wigs! 

    The new Lost Angels have been released at the Osaka Dolls Party.  They look a little different from the prototypes.  I didn't get a good look at Beckey, but I don't think she has white skin.  Marya (?) is very pretty, but wasn't she supposed to have short hair?  I didn't expect her to have red eyes, either....but she's still pretty.  Faye looks pretty  much the same.

    Maaya=Marya......I don't get it. 6_6....The katakana spelling of her name is Maaya!  Oooh, I wish I were Japanese so I didn't have to quibble about these stupid romanizations!

    And...Azone is coming out with a new Sahra in a maid outfit!  She's called "Cure Maid Sahra."  At first I didn't think much of her, because she looked too much like the Bluegrass one, but she has turquoise eyes and silver/blonde mesh hair!  That's too cool ^_____^!  I promised Kristen I'd get her for her Christmas present.  One can never have too many Sahras!

    I don't know if I'm going to pursue Beckey any that I've ordered Rio, it seems foolish. Marya (*_*) is still worth getting, though.  Not for me, of course ^_^!




    ::cough cough cough:: It's allergy season again!

    Is it ever not allergy season? 6_6......

    Well, anyway....I have some news.  But what is it?  Umm....on the doll customizing front, HLJ got some Dollfie Plus materials that sold out like there was no tomorrow.  We managed to snag 2 bodies (Kristen's going to use one for a regular doll), 2 pearl white wigs, and gray and light violet eyes.  Huzzah!  If they actually give us the right wig colors, I'm going to make a Dollfie Plus Leene for the site's first anniversary. Which has probably already passed.....-__-;;;........Whichever eye color I end up liking the most, I'll sell the other pair....If the wig turns out to be some other color (why do I have this bad feeling?) I'll.....just make a Dollfie Plus doll.  No biggie. ^___^

    I'm making a male doll with the NDR 04 head!   I rooted him with lavender NDR hair, side-parted with straight-across bangs.   I didn't know that head was going to be so small!  It's cute, though.   We'll see how I do painting it. 

    Got me some white NDR hair.  I have plans to use it for a girl doll with braids, like the original Takara Abel.  Whenever I get time for that!  ::tosses it in the stockpile::

    Yaaaaah...........and Emilie sent me Luc's outfit!  :D  It's really great!.....but, unfortunately, Luc is without a face for the time being.  I'll paint him soon, but I kind of lost my motivation after I heard what happened to him in Suikoden 3.  Oh well.....let's positive thinking......;_;.......

    And.....I've been thinking that a Dollfie Plus would be good practice for customizing a Super Dollfie!  Which is nice, because.......I've ordered a New Makeup Type Rio from Frill Frill!

    ^_^ Now, Volks hasn't released her yet, and I don't know when they will.  It's supposed to be this month.  I'd like to take this time to say that I love her new head mold, and I'm really glad I couldn't get her for almost a year.  I was iffy about Rio's mouth and round face, not to mention her eye size (Volks glass eyes wouldn't fit her!) Her new head mold doesn't have any of these problems ^o^!  Even though she's more expensive....even though I might have to wait a little longer, I'm very happy! ^____^  Now, hurry up, Volks!  Hurry up and release those dollies, and don't go selling out of them until Minako grabs one for me!

    ::enthusiastic machine gun fire::




    I'm tired. I don't know why, but I am.

    I repainted Ran a few days ago (my SH-02 doll).   I wasn't satisfied with her first paint job (too flat, too little color) and I liked her hair so much I decided she needed a second chance.  How else was I going to be motivated to finish her profile? 

    Of course, I had to give her pink eyes.

    She still looks pretty weird to me, with her huge noggin.  ^_^;......I tried to make her look more focused by using more black (actually, Paynes Gray) in the iris.  I got a lot of support from a Card Captor Sakura poster!  For some reason, those inner corner lashes were hard to paint!   I'm not giving up on eyeliner.  Even though it may not be appropriate sometimes, I don't like to fuss on the lips (or I don't like them to look like they're been fussed on), so  I'm going to have to improve on making up the eyes.  I'm obsessed with white eyeliner.  It's so pretty and feminine! ^_^

    Well, Ran is nowhere near as cute as Mimiko's Big-Headed Doll, but I think she's an improvement. 

    The jury's still out on whether I can get Lost Angel Becky or not.  I asked Frank and Crescent Shop, but I guess it's too early to tell! 

    I saw a picture of the pink-haired Maria on a Japanese page.  She's cute!  I can't get her, though.  Oh well, can't win them all ^_____^!

8/27/02 dare yooooooooouuuuuuuuu...............O_O.....

    They've done it now.  I've been trying so hard to save money, and now they're releasing another round of Lost Angels, right after the Summer ones....;_;....

    The new ones are Lost Angel Becky, Dark Angel Maaya, Silver-haired Maid Shino and Akari, and Fay (a minion of Mei Mei).   O_o.....They are.....that is......well.....Becky looks completely different from the prototype Volks showed off a year ago.  Remember, that one had brown hair, a race queen dress and leather jacket, the Elegant body?  Well, the one they're releasing is blond with white skin and the NEO body.  And she has glasses!  I didn't think twice about the prototype, but this one is so cute, I have to have her.  HAVE to.   Maaya is lovely, too, but I'm not going to get too attached to her because Kristen wants to get her ^____^. Fay is also cute ^_^  I e-mailed the Doll and Hobby Shoppe about them right away.  I know it's sudden, but I haven't felt this way about a doll since.....Black Sorceress Sahra.  I really had no choice!

    Muuu......I guess if Frank can't get them I'll have to rely on Rudi or have Celga bid on Yahoo!Japan for me.....or ask Crescent Shop, or Frill Frill....hey, where there's a will, there's a way!


    Hm hm hm....I have a problem.  I want an Azone Edit Kit really badly, but I can't afford it......not now, at least.  I have an idea for what I want to do with it.  I want to get an 04 one with blackish hair, and boil the hair wavy.....and give her hazel eyes.  At first I wanted to do that with a Volks base, but I need some variety.  Well, my birthday's in October, so maybe I can get one and hold it till then....oh, I don't know.  It's not that I don't have enough to do, I just want to get one of the less-expensive kits without the leotards before HLJ sells out of them for good ;_;.....not that anyone's buying them!

    I'm not too happy with my painting lately.   I keep trying out new things, and I don't always like the way they turn out.   Sometimes I wonder if I can even paint at all ^____^!  But that's natural, isn't it?  Doesn't everyone have insecurities from time to time?

    So, Volks is releasing some new Summer Edition Lost Angels! And.....they have white skin, and the Elegant body!  Frankly speaking, I think most of these dolls look cheap.  There was already a silver-haired Shino, and Dolla looks almost exactly like the original.  I don't like the Akari, either.   But the Maria.....she's just freaking cool ^o^!  Pink hair!  I want her, but she's too expensive.  Ugh! 

    Well, maybe she'll give me a good idea for a custom doll....;_;...

    Hey, Volks is raising the prices on their standard SDs!  Damme them!  I can't believe it almost been a year.....I still don't have Rio.  I don't know how people are getting these dolls so easily.   It's ridiculous.  The more I wait the more I think it's going to be a stupid purchase.  I know I'll feel differently when I can actually buy her....but this is just so much money!  How much happiness is this doll going to bring me? When it comes down to it, it's just a doll!


    Mu mu mu......

    What have I been up to lately?  I 've been painting doll heads and selling them on eBay!  ^_^  And, for the most part, they've been selling! ^_^  I figured it was a good idea.....I had some spare heads lying around and I wanted to try out some painting techniques, but I didn't know if they'd work for a doll I wanted to keep.  My brushes are starting to wear out again.....-_-;;.....I've been mixing Paynes Gray and the medium iris color in 1:1 ratio and using it to paint the pupils and outline the iris.  It seems to work better if the iris color is a warm color.  Hmm.....I'm trying to blend the paint more, too.   I usually keep each color of the iris separate, but as of lately my painting has looked too harsh to me.  I like it when a doll's eyes have a soft, watercolor effect. ^____^  Guess I still have a lot of room for improvement!

    I tried blending the paint when I did Julian.   I hope it looks okay!  Sometimes it's easier to paint if you use a stippling motion instead of  just brushing on the color. 

    Is that even grammatically correct?  I feel like my head's stuffed full of cotton n_n.....need water.....

    I finally placed an order for a white Azone shirred blouse.   It's not in stock now.  Those blouses looked awfully pretty on the Azone page, but I hope they aren't too hard to put on! 

    ^o ^......Good night.......


    Uwah ha haaaaaa.....back so soon ^__^?  I just got my Black Sorceress Sahra, and I thought I'd post a preview of her in her box before I put her away for my birthday in October.  She's gorgeous!  Her hair is pure white ^_^!


sahrasorceresspreview.JPG (35044 bytes)


    Isn't she pretty?  I've never seen this hair color before on a doll, except for on some Licca-chan Castle dolls and the original   Zarla.  It's so soft and silky.....^________^....

    Now, I'd be lying if I said that it doesn't bother me that this doll is a standard release.  If she were a rare doll I had to win off Yahoo!Japan, like the Gold Valkyrie and Elegant Princess versions, she might feel more special, but sometimes you need to stop worrying about how special a doll is and just enjoy her!  I'm going to sew her lots of outfits once I debox her.  ^_^ Thank you, Azone, for re-releasing this doll! ^^ I passed up several Volks dolls to buy this one (even though she cost less than a Volks doll, I'm trying to cut down).  ^_____^


    Hmm......HLJ shipped out my Black Sorceress Sahra ^____^...I should be getting her in a few days, but since she's going to be for my birthday (in October ;_;!) I'm going to gaze at her briefly and wrap her up.  I did the same thing with Rei, last year.^^;;....

    I talked to Mommy about the approaching fall and Rio, and she agreed (I think) to foot the bill if she can wire money from her checking account into Paypal.  There's no way anyone's charging a 500 dollar doll  on their credit card! *_*  Kristen says we should name her Fuuka.  It means "windflower." I think that's cute. ^___^  Frank, I'm counting on you! Please start taking orders for Super Dollfies this fall! (That sounds like something out of Speed Racer, heh heh.....^^)

    I've been repainting a lot of dolls lately.  I've decided that once Volks re-releases the white bodies, I'm going to switch Shion and Leene's bodies out for smaller-chested ones.  ^_^;;......I hope I can get their heads off! I've changed my technique over the past two weeks, and that always gives me a rush, albeit a nervous one.  I've started using Paynes Gray instead of burnt umber for the top and bottom of the eye and have been outlining the irises in that instead of in a darker shade of the iris.  I think it makes the eyes look more vivid.  But I still feel nervous about it! ^^;;.....

    I've decided that for Miyako's first birthday, I'm going to take her apart and give her the "full esthetic." ^_____^  I'll sand her and coat her and suede her (if I can figure out how that's done) and repaint her face.  That'll be.....the last week of March. March 25, 2003.  I'm not sure if that's an accurate date, but let's just say that's her birthday....^^;;.....

    Yes, and I've also decided that after Rio and Kristen's Myu, I'm not getting any more SDs.  That's it!  (>_<)   They're much too expensive!  I won't give up 1/6 scale dolls for them.  I want to save up my money and buy new sheets for my bed, and a Playstation 2 (hey, when's Suikoden 3 coming out?) and a printer/copier/scanner, and I want to be able to have sushi more than once a month, and I want to plant a garden in my backyard of only white flowers ^_^;;;.........


    Has it really been that long?

    I can't say much has happened to me since the last time I wrote.  I've been eyeing several doll-things to buy, but my financial situation hasn't improved much...;_;....

    Azone is coming out with some nice new stuff next month.  Of course, I'll have to get that Black Sorceress Sahra, but the clothes, especially the peasant blouses, are just what I've been looking for to put on my dollies.;_; could they do this to me now, of all times?  The Loco Island Minako is also cute, but I don't like Lycee that much.  I was expecting more from her, I guess.  She looks to me like an anemic Sahra....

    Takara has come out with Tokyo Mew Mew dolls.  I can't be sure, but they look like compact dolls.  I don't know anything about that show, but any series that has a character with pink eyes and pink hair catches my attention ^^!  I probably won't try watching it or anything, but the Mew Ichigo and Mew Lettuce (?) dolls are cute. There's also a Tokyo Mew Mew Licca, but I think she just looks plain bizarre....6_6....

    Did quite a bit o'rooting recently. I finished rooting my blue-silver boy, my silver girl, and my pink-silver boy (yes, that's right!) I'm now working on rooting a head with green hair in a high ponytail with side-swept bangs.   She's going to be Tsubaki.  It's about time, I know!  She doesn't even have a body yet--you'd better believe I'm going to repaint Yanagi before I finish her.


    Gee, it's been a while, hasn't it?  Sorry I haven't been keeping up ^^....but I've been so overwhelmed by my lack of funds that I haven't felt like doing anything doll-related....

    So....there are quite a few things I would like to get, but I'm not going to get any of them.  It's time to save up for Rio.   Frank says Volks should be ready to accept orders in late summer, and I figure that if I save up my money I should be able to get her from Minako if he can't do it.  For a little while I wondered if Rio was the right choice (her standard makeup is just so scary.....) but after a trip to a few Japanese pages of my past I remembered how nice she could look customized. ^______^  So, the game plan is to remove her original makeup, line her eyewells in gray and light brown, give her green eyes and brown lashes, paint her lips a natural color and widen the lower lip a bit, and get her one of those wavy auburn Volks wigs like Minako had on her Kyouka.  I might want to give her some peach eyeshadow, nothing too dark or bright.  For dolls like Rio and Nono, I find it important to do what you can to soften their features.  Kristen and I discussed maybe getting Mimi as our second SD (one of these days).  Her standard makeup is so nasty, but I love her wig, and Aisha did a nice job on repainting hers....why not? (besides the fact that I'd never be able to afford it. )  I had wanted Nono, but Rio was originally a customized Nono, and I might want something different.  I wish Mimi weren't so expensive.  Here's to looking forward! *_*

    Other than that.....I finished rooting an SH-11 head with black NDR hair.  I gave her straight-across bangs and side-parted hair.   Originally I was going to curl it, but the black hair felt so fragile!  I didn't even have a body for her, but my lovely sister lent me one of hers. I'm going to get her another one later.  I wanted to give this doll glasses, but I'm not sure if I can find doll glasses that would fit an SH-11 head...;_;....

    Lovely Dolls Party stuff I want but can't buy.   That little Raughla.  I have to save my money, and I can't buy her, but I want her so badly! If any one has her, please send me pictures! ^^;;....I also want a Dollfie Plus Kit.  Not too many people seem interested in those, so maybe they aren't that great, after all? HLJ has those Doll Edit heads, but I can't buy them either.  Buy them, use them and think of me......;_;.....

    News Flash!  There's been a recall on two Azone items: Fairies of Darkness Caty and Gold Valkyrie Sahra.  Their head ornaments stain.  Azone says that if you send their heads back, they'll replace them for you.  I guess I'll knock those two off my list....


    Don't hurt me, oh please, don't hurt me.....O_o...

    After careful deliberation, I've decided to order Sakura from Frill Frill.  I'm keeping my Rio order with Frank.  I didn't mean to, but I've been bit by the bug, bad!  *___*  I figure that since I have to put her together myself, I'd be better off getting her now.  There isn't going to be any instant gratification, after all!  I've had her on order since September, and I feel I need her company now more than ever n_n....gaaaaaahh.....I feel like such a phony, but I can't help it!  I'm weak, just like the rest of you, damn it! 


    Aaaaaaannnnnd......I got a BIG box of NDR hair and Volks bodies from The Doll and Hobby Shoppe.  I have a ton of customizing stuff to work on, I think I need to go on a diet!  Plus, we got the Machine Suit dolls.   They were well worth the wait!  Kristen's Gjinalu is striking with her blue eyes and eyeshadow, and my Claudia looks fresh and wholesome displayed with her.....I can't decide which one I like better.  I like them both.  I kind of wanted the Akari, too, because neither of us have an Akari, but there's a reason why neither of us have her (we don't like her!)  The green hair and eyes are cute on her, but I don't have 100-plus dollars to blow on a doll I only think I might like. 

    Azone Doll Edit kits.  I want them.   Not everyone is excited about these, but I sure am ^_^!  I wanted to use the one that came with the Ellie head, but HLJ only has the Nakoruru and Lina head ones ( I think).  Oh well, get them anyway!  ^___^  I've been really warming up to NDR heads recently.  Maybe it's because of those nice NDR guy dolls I've been seeing on Yahoo!Japan.  Omoiataru makes the cutest dolls with NDR heads.  They can look quite nice if you keep them natural n_n.....


    I got her n_n.....

    No, I'm not talking about Rio or Sakura.   I'm talking about my pink haired Thanks Fair Abel.  She's the cutest thing ^o^!  Go ahead, take a look at her! ^___^


cuteabel1.JPG (28226 bytes)


   Isn't she adorable? *^_^*  I have to do something about her outfit, but I've been waiting for an Abel like this for a long time! Now I don't feel bad at all about not being able to get the Takara-bako Pink version.   This doll has a candy-pink colored hair that I've only seen before on the Compact doll Android Ruka.  Pictures do not do her justice.  I'm so happy to have had a chance to get her!

    On the custom doll front, I should have a huge box of doll bodies coming in from HLJ tomorrow or the next day.  I'm still waiting on the NDR hair.  I painted my first NEO head this week, but I'm not sure what to think of it. Should  I post it anywhere? I think it looks weird..... =_=...... I also ordered some more paint from Michaels because I'm almost out of white--fascinating, isn't it?  I'm going to try out an opalescent color one of these days. I need some variety ^-^!


    This week, I gave pre-rooted heads sausage curls ^____^.  I used a gold A-type head and a blue pigtail head for my experiment.   So far I only have one body to divide between the two of them.....I gave it to the blue head, but the gold one will get one soon enough. 

    Once I found the right equipment, it was fun to do. ^_^  At first, I tried to roll the hair around drinking straws and secure it with bobby pins, but that didn't hold up.  Lucky me had a junk drawer full of garbage bag twist-ties.  Those make great rollers ^__^!  I twisted the hair around those, slipped a plastic sleeve over the head to keep the bangs from getting messed up ala Sylvie, and cooked it in a pot of water on medium heat for 15 minutes.  Let it dry, and be careful not to snag the hair when you take out the twist-ties! Voila ^o^!   Lovely sausage curls. 

    They came out a lot tighter than I expected!   They're starting to loosen up a bit now, and the effect is very pretty ^___^   I think that the gold hair turned out better, because the blue hair was pretty wispy and needed a lot of Water Wax to keep the flyaways down to a minimum.  Just the same, the sausage curls looked especially cute on a pigtail head! Please try it some time!   I just ordered a purple pigtail head that I'm going to do the same to.  I bet it'd look nice with silver hair, too.  n_n

    I've already made a dress for my blue-haired girl.  It was based on a cotton party dress pattern from My Favorite Doll Book #1, with funky mermaidy lace trim.  I sewed a pink flower brooch onto the bodice.  I call it "The Princess Toadstool Dress." ^o^ Should I paint her face soon?   Should I, Should I?


    I want my Super Dollfie.  Everyone has one but me.  Why can't I have my Super Dollfie?  I'm getting ready to kill somebody.....O_o.....

    I worked on some dolls this week.  Many good things have happened.  HLJ has New Excellent A, B, and Neo Teens back in stock.   With the current exchange rate, the EBs cost $16 and Neo Teens cost $20.   Huzzah ^o^!  Also, they got in the second book in the Costume Doll series.   I discovered it almost by accident, and of course, I had to make it mine.  I'm sure there's plenty for everyone!  ^__^  I ordered some NDR hair and a green elf head from the Doll and Hobby Shoppe, too.  Everything's backordered, but that's okay, I don't want to pay ^o^! plan is to make a pretty guy with blue/silver mesh.  Neither color is in stock, but I'm willing to wait.  Also, I have a prerooted gold A-head that I'm going to style in soft curls and give red-pink eyes--she's going to be a demon-girl.  Or something ^__^;;...I don't know, I've always wanted to make a doll with blond hair and red eyes.

    Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, The Sakura Tea Room now has its own domain ^o^ !  I did it for you guys, because I know how annoying those pop-up windows are.  I had to click on one four times in order to get rid of it! *_*  Now I have plenty of space and bandwidth to use for my devices.   To celebrate, I think I'm going to make another version of Leene with normal skin and breasts that are actually smaller than her head.  I'll call her "Springtime Romance Leene ^o^!" 



    Huh......what have I been doing since I last wrote?  Let's see......I got the Omoiataru Version 2 Sahra in the nun dress ^o^....(she has loooong brown hair and gray eyes, very cute!) and a few piddly but adorable Azone separates: a light blue "boyfriend" shirt, a lavender fly-front shirt, and 22 cm chinos that I'm not sure what to do with at the moment.  The boyfriend shirt is pretty nice.  It's a plain button-down shirt, but it has cute details like cuffs with snaps ^-^.  I guess I could make something like that myself if I really tried, but sometimes it's fun to buy your dolls' clothes, you know?

    ^_^ I'm working on that big SH 02 head right now.  I'm rooting it with silver and lavender mesh, side-parted with bangs.  I'm thinking of styling her hair like Sommelier Naomi's.....I'll make her an alien or something ^_____^.  I'll bet I'm the first non-Japanese customizer to work with that head of my own free will!  Oh well, I have Multi, Multi's cute, that head is basically a giant mini head.  It can't be any bigger than Rei's or Hazuka's right?

    I'm not sure when my Machine Suit Claudia's coming in.  I can wait a few weeks, to tell you the truth!  I don't know where my money went.  I still wish I could get the Maria, but I already have the original one and no one can top her cuteness.....right? ^____^;;;.......



    I just heard that due to high demand, my Rio isn't coming home for 2 to 3 months!!!


    And I've waited so long!   Ouuugh.......Urgh..........



    ::whips out a gun and shoots several holes in the ceiling::

    ::watches chips of plaster rain down from the wreckage::

    ^^;;......Well, now that I got that out of my system...I got my elf heads from Emilie this week!  I've already boil-permed the dark blue one ala Ruri and Yuka.  The hair's going to be shorter than I wanted it to be,   because there's always an inch or so of waste when you braid/boil perm, and her hair was only waist length to start.  Boo!  -_-;.....I'm putting that head on a Takara Jenny body I swiped from a Kimono Timotei Kristen's going to re-root.  The elf face mold is cute!  Its shape is like the Volks B-type head, but without the eyewells and "smirking" mouth. 

    Better do something about that ceiling!

    ::scampers off to call maintenance:::


    n_n.....I got my Sahra, at long last ^o^!   Actually, HLJ was pretty fast shipping me the replacement.  Thanx for that!

    I rooted half of the hair for my Elazul doll.   No body yet, though.  That's just as well.  I don't know how the heck I'm going to make his outfit.  I found a figurine of him on eBay and saved it for reference, but I think I'm going to need some sewing lessons first ^_6.  I've been working on improving my sewing lately.....making dresses for Jenny dolls, because they seem to appreciate it more.  ^_^  I've made two of the cotton party dresses from MFDB  #1.  It's time to take on pintucks!

    I've haven't received my elf heads yet, but I'm already brainstorming about what to do with the dark blue head.  I'll probably boil perm her hair like Ruri's and Yuka's.  Maybe give her green eyes?  With yellow highlights, like Kiddyland Special Judy? 


    Dolls.....My order went through for the Thanks Fair Abel, and I am happy happy.  I got my SH-02 head, which is called "Petite Anime Face."  What's so petite about that huge coconut?!  No one knows.....but it's cute, and I'm looking forward to working with it.

    HLJ shipped out my replacement Sahra.  No extra charge, of course ^^.  They also got that brown-haired Sahra in the nun dress the week...;_;.....she has gray eyes.  Even though I have no money, I have to get her! With the current exchange rate, she's going to cost 67 dollars.  If I wait and try to get her off Yahoo!Japan, I might have to pay as much as 20,000 yen....;_: (yes, among Japanese collectors, she's that popular!)

    So I can kiss that blue-haired Maria goodbye.   It's okay ^^;;;.......I'd rather have the Azone dolls.  They come in nicer outfits, and they're so friendly-looking!

    I won an Excellent C body off eBay this week.   I'm going to put a pre-rooted pink hair head on it and make a pink-haired boy ^^;;;.....don't laugh, I've always wanted to do that!  I'm going to give him brown eyes.  ^^;;;;


    Happy New Year ^O^!

    Not much going on in my dolly life right now.   I have some elf heads coming in from NDR--yay! :D  I also ordered a couple of skinheads from the Doll and Hobby Shoppe.  An SH-02 head, an SH-07 head, and I think Kristen had some in there, too.  I don't have any specific plans for these heads, but I'm especially looking forward to the huge SH-02 head ^_^.  I was thinking of rooting it with pink-purple mesh, after an orchid I saw in Cheshire Nursery this weekend.

    I repainted Sylvie, my doll with purple sausage curls, for the third time last week.  This time had better be a keeper! 

    It turns out that there are a few Machine Suit dolls that were released at an after-event that I never knew about....including a blue-haired Maria! ;_; ::cries::  I really want her, but there's no way I can afford her.  I guess I can consider this a life lesson--don't be too spoiled! ^_^

    HLJ accidentally sent my School Days Sahra to the wrong person.  They say they'll send me another right away. How sad ;_;.....I hope it turns out okay.  I was really looking forward to getting her.

    I'm think of making one of my elf-heads into a boy.  The dark-blue one, maybe?  I'm not sure if I'm going to cut his hair short or leave it long.  Then again, I don't even have the heads yet! ^_6


    Waaaaaaa.......Rio's not going to be here in time for Christmas ;_;! I guess that's okay, though....I could use some time to sew her an outfit.  Plus, I don't know how Dad's going to deal with her....if I get her on a weekday, he'll never have to know!

    I finished quite a few dolls this week.  I think I'm gonna die >_<!  I painted Brad (^^;;), who I made with the SH-06 head.  I could've done a better job on his hair, but he didn't turn out that badly.   I bought him a miniature potted plant ^___^!  I don't have much of an outfit for him, but I don't see why he can't wear normal guy clothes.  And if he ever feels like being evil, he can borrow Machine Suit Gjinalu's jumpsuit (that would be about right, wouldn't it?)

    O_o.....The SH-06 head is pretty easy to paint.   Small eyes are easy to paint.  I had a harder time painting Shion and Arisa.   I almost started crying when I was working on Shion ;_;.....I just couldn't get her eyes right!  Pink eyes look weird.  She still looks scary to me, but I think I'm getting used to her.  I'm going to put her in the Gothic Lolita dress I bought from the Doll and Hobby Shoppe once it comes in.  She looks like she's laughing at me....

    Arisa was another thing.  She looks better now that I put that white slash in her iris, but....O_o.....that G body is awfully tall!   I used quite a few colors in her eyes, but I'm not sure if it shows up.  I used magenta as the light shade and wisteria as the dark shade, then added apricot and aqua highlight dots. 



    I finished a couple dolls this week.  I don't want to talk about them, though....not really.  I'm going to have to get used to the C-head.  I keep telling myself that the N-head is just as small, but it still looks odd to me ^____^;;;.....

    I wonder if Rio is even going to come in time for Christmas?  I'd understand if she didn't, but the thought bothers me....;_;....I really held off asking for or buying anything else because she cost so much.  I want to see what she looks like!

    I did a little sewing this week.  I made a green knit sweater and black chinos for Luc, so he doesn't have to hang around in those sissy pajamas I put him in after I gave Amanda back the snowboarder outfit.^o^  I also made a black tiered skirt with black lace at the bottom.  I'm not sure how versatile it's going to be, but I saw someone wearing one in a magazine and found the look cool ^^;;;.....

    I set up a little Christmas scene on one of my shelves with ten of my dolls hanging around a ceramic Christmas tree ^^;;; used to be a night-light.  I set a sheet of heavy cardboard covered in cloth against the back of the shelf as a mock-wall.  Now I'm trying to sew a velvet slipcover for my ugly blue plastic Barbie sofa. ^^; looks cute.  I want to make another room, the rest of my dolls are lonely >_<! But then I'll have no place to put any books!

::takes a long drag off her cigarette::  0000   ---^o ^.......... (Just kidding, I don't smoke ^^!)

The Machine Suit dolls look cool.  They actually have different eye color!



    Twenty days till Christmas! :D

    I painted Luc last night.  I had wanted to wait until I was good and ready (and had more unisex doll outfits) but I ran out of room in my doll body box....;_;....I couldn't stuff another thing in there, so I knew it was time for him to go.  It was really scary!  I'm not sure if I like how he came out.   I had wanted to keep him looking close the original designs, but he ended up looking like just another one of my dolls.  Oh well.  Can't shake your style, can you *_*?

    Actually, he looks a lot like the way he did in that doujinshi I had Celga bid on for me.  In one story, he found out that he was really a woman, and in another he got sick, collapsed in the middle of a battle and was subsequently eaten by Millie's pet, Bonaparte...O_o.....

    I wonder if Rio is gonna make it home for Christmas?   Kowaaiiiiii......;_;......on one hand, I really want to get her home, and on the other hand, I don't want to pay for her.  Not yet! I guess it's okay, because technically I'm not going to be footing the bill, but still......^o^....

    The School Days Sahra was finally released! She's so cute!  I love her short hair and big hazel eyes.  I have to make her mine!

    The 13 year-old Nana Volks is releasing at Dolls Party 6 is really beautiful ^o^!  She reminds me of Raughla.  Even if they standardize her I'll never be able to afford her, but I'm perfectly happy to gawk at her.  I don't like the original Nana that much (I've seen a few cute customized ones, though) but this new one......:D.....FABULOUS! (^^)

    I still haven't made a dent in those stockpiled doll bodies.  I have an SH-11 head I rooted with black-brown and dark purple mesh, and a C-head boy with white (platinum ) hair.  Oh, and a red-pigtail head, a purple one, and a black one.  Not to mentioned that silver-haired SH-06 doll....^^;;;.....yes, the ultimate in bad taste!  A character with the same voice as Freeza from Dragon Ball  Z ;_;!

    It'll all be revealed in time......@_@.....



    I'm a painting machine ^o^!

    I gave the B-type head another try last week.  It certainly is unusual!  You really have to keep things low-key when you use that head, in particular, you shouldn't make up the lips too much.  I saw a doll on the Japanese customizer Little Pawpaw's page that would've been beautiful if the lips hadn't been so bright.  Dolls with the B-type head can look really cartoonish, sometimes ^___^;;;....

    But I guess it's okay.  Volks has been releasing a lot of really nice stuff lately.  I preordered one of those Machine Suit dolls that's coming out at the next Dolls Party.  Claudia, with orange hair.  I would've liked the Akari a lot if she hadn't been Akari.  A green-haired Minrei or Maria would've been cute....

    Kristen's getting the Gjinalu.  I had hoped that Volks would come out with a more unusual Gjinalu, but blue hair--^o^  That's going to be sooooo cool!  I love the Dollfie Plus models, but I've had bad experiences with resin kits.  I'd be too worried about breaking, they're limited to 50 pieces a figure.  Better leave them to the people who know what to do with them...^^

    I like the new mini SD with the cat ears.  What was her name?  She looks just like Sakura with different coloring.  I didn't change my order, though.  That would've broken my heart ;_;....The other two new ones are frightening.  They look like zombies....O_o......

    La la la....I'm selling a head on eBay.  I tried something different with her eyes.  I tried to blur the colors in the iris together, kind of like an oil painting.  It's an interesting look ^_^. 


    I'm sleepy......=_=.....

    Now, what happened this week in the doll world?   Not much, besides the fact that I finally finished Yuka. ^^  Pink hair, red eyes.  She reminds me a little of my first Shion, and that scares me, but she doesn't have the B-type head, at least.  I like to think I've improved since then!

    I want my Super Dollfie really badly!  Sakura more than Rio, believe it or not.  I don't know if anyone knows that Kristen and I are getting Rio, but there doesn't seem to be much or a reason to tell anyone.  I guess I'm mostly excited about Sakura because I can make up her face myself.  And I do love those mini SDs, so much......n_n.....People seem to love to give her a blonde wig.   I wonder what's wrong with her black hair? 

    Azone is releasing a load of nice stuff in December, including these special Sahras with white hair and blue eyes. :: screams:: But they're way too limited for HLJ to pick them up, and Sahras go for at least 20,000 yen on the secondary market.  Back away slowly.....

    I was so excited about the Doll and Hobby Shoppe carrying those Volks dresses that I bought two.  They're so tight that the only bodies they'll fit are Excellent A and G.  Take notice! >_<  They're really cute, though ^__^;;;.....


    Uaaaahh......I'm exhausted! >_<  Never in my life have I done so much eye-painting--in one week!  First, I finished Christopher, my little mini doll.  A few days later, I painted Nina, a doll I'm going to sell on eBay some time in the near future.  The very next day, in order to console myself for having to give up Nina, I painted Ruri, that blue-haired doll I did the boil-perm on.  Damn! My soul feels like it's been ripped out of me.  I'm not picking up a paintbrush for a least three weeks.  How  long has it been since I finished Yanagi?  This is all going too fast.

    It's not like this is getting any easier....I find myself feeling more and more drained after finishing a doll.  I'm not getting burned out, I'm just.....trying so hard not to make any mistakes. I think I'm getting better fairly quickly, but I don't want to admit it to myself--not ever--because I don't want to settle comfortably into any style.  Also.....I can't allow myself to feel too much pride.  I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I let myself be paraded around as an "artist."  I'm just an ordinary person who likes to make dolls!   *_* do you get people to notice you without sounding like you're bragging or whining for attention O_o....?

    I did a bad bad bad thing.  A really bad thing.   I joined a Super Dollfie Yahoo!Club this week, and I guess I had Super Dollfies on the brain, because I walked up to my mother in the kitchen with a big smile on my face and said  "Hey Mom, how about spending $450 on a giant doll for me for Christmas?"  .......^___^.....Instead of swearing at me like I thought she would, she just gave me a funny look and said "Why is it so expensive? Don't you think we should spend our money on something more useful?"


    "Because it's 2 feet tall, Mom!  And it's poseable, and it has glass eyes and a wig that you can change, and we can sit her on the sofa in the living room and scare the crap out of guests....and, blah blah blah..." Then I really started to whine, telling her that she wouldn't have to get me anything else, that it would be a gift for both me and Kristen and if you divide it two ways, it really isn't that bad, is it?

    I know.  I'm a horrible person.  I feel like a horrible person.  ;_;......But I figure that for the holiday, $200 is going to be spent on me one way or the other.....and shouldn't I get to choose how it's spent?   At least now they wouldn't have to give me another thought! 

    .......She gave in.  Would you believe it???   As long as she doesn't have to pay for a month (and she doesn't) she's going to buy me and Kristen a giant doll.  I asked for Rio, the standard version.  I can sew her clothes.  I feel like such an idiot for pressuring her into buying us this doll......but I can't think of another thing I want.  I don't care that I have to share her.  I'm sure that Kristen and I are going to be stuck with each other for a decent amount of time, and by the time we part ways I'll have bought my own damn doll.   I don't want to show her off or boast about how much fun she is to have.  I just want to hug her...^___^;;;......

    Frank says she'll be here in 3-4 weeks.  This is surreal......



    Hmmm......what happened this week?  I know this is supposed to be a Volks page, but I saw some really cute Jenny dolls this week *^_^*...Kristen and I got our Thanks Fair 7 dolls--she had ordered an 18 Jenny with looooooong black hair, and I had ordered a Timotei with reddish-brown hair and brown eyes.   And then, I saw a Marine on Yahoo!Japan with dark purple hair in "collapsed curl" pigtails. ^^  I've never seen anything like her.  I wonder if Noix de Rome has been hiding hair colors from us?

    I finally received my many Volks heads from HLJ.   Is it just me, or are the silver and blue hair they're using for this new series different from the hair on the old heads?  I bought a blue A-type head, and the hair is much silkier than the Volks blue I'm used to.  It's also a shade lighter *_*.   The new silver looks more like NDR silver.  Odd......I rather like the new lighter blue, though.  I boil-permed my blue head--my first really successful   boil-perm ever ^o^!  Here's what I did: after separating hair for the bangs, I made the remaining hair into 8 separate braids and popped a plastic sleeve over the head (like when I set saran) to keep it from bushing out. ^_^  Then I held it in a pot of simmering water on my stove for 15 minutes.  (That was medium on my stove)   Then.....I let it dry, took out the braids and viola!  Hair looks just like Zarla's ^^.  The secret is to cook the head on lower heat for longer.  Once I did a boil perm with rapidly boiling water for 15 seconds and cooled the head in ice water.  It did not look good. ^_^;;.....yeah, I know that standing over the stove for 15 minutes is a pain, but bring a book if you have to! >_<  This is the way you have to work with saran.  It's not going to melt, so show it who's boss!

    Mexican hair is different.  You do have to straighten it to make it lie flat, but it can't take a lot of heat.  I put a plastic sleeve over the doll's head, put a pot of water on to boil, and hold the head over the rapidly boiling water for 10-15 minutes.  Steeeeeeeeam! ^o^ 


    It's so cold.......

    I finished a custom doll, Yanagi, the one I was making with the C body and light green Mexican hair.  I dunno what to think of him.....Kristen really likes him, but he's really different from what I planned.  His hair's a lot longer ^_^;;;......and he looks less innocent.  I had wanted to make a doll that makes you want to hug him, but now.....he just STARES at me.  Maybe it's because his eyes are such a weird color.  I used Liquitex Hibiscus, Light Magenta, Burnt Umber, Taupe, Titanium White, Venetian Rose, and....some weird color of green.   All layered on top of each other.  I based his coloring on that Jenny Calendar Girl Premium doll, the one from the Birthflower series.  I never did have a chance to buy her ^^;;.....

    I'm wondering about what kind of outfit to give him.   And what to make his sister, Tsubaki, look like.  What color are camellias, anyway >_<?  Well, just because her name is Tsubaki doesn't mean she has to look like a camellia.  Maybe white, or dark green hair. ^__^;;;......

    ^_^  I've been wanting to make a doll with wavy blue hair.  And what do you know, I find a custom doll on Yahoo!Japan that looks exactly like what I wanted.....of course, it's too late to bid, but......sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be able to make a doll look exactly the way I want it.  I know I've improved a lot from last year, I just being arrogant in thinking that I have control over my style?  I really don't.  I wonder if it's natural for people to admire everyone else's style over their own. 6_6.....


    Not much going on today.  You saw all my doll updates from last Sunday, right? ^_^  I know, I still haven't finished Margaret's page, but I want to retake her picture before I do anything.  She's not my doll, but I'll try to say something inspirational about her. 

    HLJ got a lot of prerooted Volks heads in stock ^___^!   I heard that the rooting jobs haven't been as good as they used to be, but they can't be any worse than what I'd do >_<! I ordered a few heads.  I'm feeling lazy.  I'm not going to be able to get any more hair for a while, so this is going to have to do....

    I finally found some pictures of the mini Super Dollfie Sakura I preordered.  For some reason, everyone seems to want to switch her black wig with a blonde one O_o...she's very pretty, though.  I have no idea where I'm going to put her when I get her.  Or when I'll get her.  Or if I'll be able to put her together!  What an overwhelming purchase >_<!

    Did I mention that I finished that doll with the pink and beige hair?  Her name is Ilyse.  I haven't received any feedback at all about her, but I think she came out all right...she just needs an outfit.  That's going to be tough, because she has Excellent K and a lot of the outfits I have make her look fat...=_=.....


    Two days to my birthday ^o^.....I got a huge order in from the Doll and Hobby Shoppe, including Kuniyoshi and Kei-ichi (who is not mine).   I don't know....I really don't think that Kuniyoshi's hair is as bad as everyone says.  I admit that it is kind of "crunchy," but I don't want to cut it.   What would I cut, anyway?  I didn't expect his hair to be fake fur.  I think that idea is kind of scary, to tell you the truth....I mean, who has fake fur growing out of their head *_*?  I've never seen a doll with fake fur hair in person, but it just seems kind of....unnatural. 

    I might be finished with rooting a head with light green Mexican hair.  It looks a little thin in the back, but I want to wait until it dries before I consider adding more plugs.  I can't do much more than root now that I've run out of blending medium.  I might go out to get some tomorrow, if I can leave early enough to beat traffic. 

    My #6 heads haven't come in yet.  I wonder if they're still backordered?  That puts a damper on two of my projects.  I can't work on Faust yet, anyway, because I don't have his hair O_o....I'm really nervous about that particular project.  I'm sure I can handle the hair, but the can I avoid making him look like a Kewpie doll? ;_;....He just made his first appearance in the Shaman King anime, and it looks like they've toned down his coloring.  Thank Zeus ^o^!  I didn't want to have to use so much aqua paint.  ^___^;;;....



    I got Gjinalu early this week.  She's awfully pretty *^_^*....but that heart-shaped box she comes in is a piece of garbage!     It's nothing but a great big blister pack.  Volks should be ashamed of themselves for using such shoddy packaging for such an expensive item.

    I can't open her now, though, because I'm saving her for my birthday.  I know it's kind of stupid considering the fact that I paid for her myself, but I'd like to at least simulate a nice party....even if no one else cares ;_;.....So on October 14 I'll have a few new dolls to post in the Dawn and Dusk Gardens.   Also, I finished rooting that white-skinned head with light beige and pink hair.   It looks milk and candy ^___^....but I'm not sure if I have enough blending medium to paint her face. 

    The Doll and Hobby Shoppe just got Kuniyoshi in--eek!   I amazed that he's never shown up on Yahoo!Japan.  I wonder why?  If his hair's really that bad, why isn't anyone selling him?  I'll have to take a good look at him before I give him the scissors. 




    I haven't been able to do much of anything lately.   Yuka's hair has been back-ordered, so I can't finish her any time soon...;_;.....I did finish half of the white skinned/pink and light beige head, though n_n.....Still no Gjinalu.  She was supposed to be delivered today, but the mailman did the thing he usually does when he has a package to deliver early in the morning on a weekend--he pretended we weren't home and brought the package back to the post I should get it tomorrow.  I'd better get it tomorrow, or I'm going to be ripped...-_-;;....I've waited long enough for that doll!

    If I don't move it, I'm not going to have anything to put on this page until Oct. 14 except for my beautiful words ^^...why do I have to root all my dolls' hair by hand?  I have an idea for a brother and sister pair.  I want to use the mint green Mexican hair for both of them and make them twin faeries or some other kind of nature spirit. ^___^;;......I ordered an Excellent C body for the boy, but it's backordered.  So many ideas, not enough fingers....;_;....I'd better get cracking and finish that white-skinned doll.  I have no idea what kind of character she'll be.  If she's a "normal" person she's going to look quite punk-ish.    Oh, I'm sure I'll figure something out eventually.

    I thought of "Lyric" as the name for the female "faerie."  It's pretty ^___^;;....a long time ago I made up a little faerie character with green hair and orange eyes whose name was Lyric.  I heard that one of Robbie Benson's daughter's is named Lyric O_o...don't tell anyone that's where I got  the idea from!


    I wrecked Yuka's head by putting way too many plugs in it ;_; I have to do her over.  Damn >_<!  I wasted so much time on her!  But maybe it's for the best....I think her hair was looking a little bit too blue.  I think that if I root some purple hair into her part, it'll look a lot nicer.

    All my soft sculpture needles are bent, though, so I can't do anything now.  I haven't been doing much of anything recently....just planning....I still haven't received Gjinalu, but I think Celga was holding her until Kristen gave them to go-ahead to ship her. 

    Maybe I need to start sewing, after all.  ^_^

    I told myself over and over again that I only wanted to use saran to root my dolls, but I can't help it--the Mexican hair comes in some really pretty colors!  I was worried about it being too fragile, but maybe it'll be okay.   The light green is much nicer than the standard green they use for saran. 

    Kristen's custom doll, Mana, didn't get any bids on eBay, so I get to keep her.  It's too bad that no one wanted her, but I'm glad she ended up with me n_n....I'll take good care of her!

    I'm thinking of getting that Noix de Rome Lain doll.   My birthday's coming up!


    ....I haven't done much work on my custom dolls, because I've been so rattled by the World Trade Center and Pentagon I thought nothing but good things were going to happen now that fall is ridiculous.

    But let's leave this diary for the dolls.  I finally repainted Mary (when?) .  I'm not sure if I like the way she's come out, because her eyes are so much different from before.  I've posted her in the Sea Terrace, though.  I'm not repainting her again! >_<  Maybe it's just the B-type head that's creeping me out.

    Kristen suggested that I name Yuka's doll Christopher.   That's cute enough, so why not?  I don't know when I'm going to paint him, though.  I HAVE to buy some more blending medium before I try anything new.

    Still no sign of Kuniyoshi...

    You're never going to believe this.......O_o.....I've done it.  I've asked the Doll and Hobby Shoppe to preorder that mini-Super Dollfie Sakura for me! O___O.....I know it's awfully drastic but here's the thing:  the dolls are being released on Dec. 9, and if they sell out at Dolls Party 6 it could take months, even a year for them to come in.  So..why not? I might as well get in line!  I have a few American Girl dresses.  I want that damn doll, not as a consolation for what just happened (because nothing could ever make me feel better about that) but because I want to sew dresses for a bigger doll.  This would open up a new world for me! ^o^   That doll's gonna have the life I never had....^^;;;.......I know I'm going to have to wait a long time, but I can't wait to use her to creep people out...^___^.....


    Hi again :D!  I admit that I'm a little early....

    The new Volks dolls came out today.  So far, I've seen pictures of all of them but Kuniyoshi, who is, ironically, the one I preordered -_-;;......Arakune is striking, but probably not my type.  I don't like Mergene at all.  And Kyon's beautiful *^_^*.  I love his lip color.  It's just like the Loreal Cafe Ole lipstick I like so much. ^___^;;.......I wonder when they'll come in?  I really hope I land Kuniyoshi after all.....I e-mailed the Doll and Hobby Shoppe about him within an hour of their posting the list, but I've always been a worrywart ^_^. 

    There's a Super Lingerie Maria on Yahoo!Japan.  I already have Nurse Maria, but just seeing her makes me feel a pang of....something.   Loss?  Regret?  Resentment?  I remember that at this time last year, when she was released, the Lost and Dark Angels were so hard to find I was going nuts trying to locate one of them.  It was Maria or Lagla, Lagla or Maria....^^;;.....I had absolutely no luck.  Who'd have thought I'd end up owning so many Volks dolls?   They've become so popular now....lots of sellers are picking them up.  I'm really happy that things have become easier..but at the same time, I miss that mystique Volks dolls used to have for me.  It's almost like.....getting these dolls doesn't satisfy that longing.  It's killed it...

    Oh, but why dwell on the past? 

    I finally managed to finish Yuka's part, and then some.  Mom and Dad got called into work the night before last, and I sneaked a little screwdriver from tool chest in the hall outside their room.  Then, I started poking into the neck hole.  Again and again.  It helped....^^

    I have no idea what to name her doll.  I thought maybe Aki would be cute, but if he's a doll shouldn't he have a freaky name O_O?   6_6.......I guess I just have to brainstorm....;_;....He's going to have white hair and red eyes.  Like a bunny n_n.



    La la la.....^o^!

    Pretty soon those Kyon boys will be coming in....I hope the Doll and Hobby Shoppe doesn't run out!  Could they?  That would be awful ;_;.....

    Volks is releasing some really nice things.  I want a mini Super Dollfie ;_;...but it's not to be, not now at least.  I've bought waaaaay too much stuff lately.  Like Gjinalu..;_;..and I ordered Kristen Lost Angels Margaret for her birthday.  So now she can stop harassing me for not getting her anything.  Ha :D! 

    I received the mini F body I ordered for Yuka's little doll buddy ^-^;;....I swear, I'm going to finish him before I finish her!  I can't seem to get the needle through her head any more ;_;....I think it's because Volks blue and purple hair are both very thick.  What a pain..;_;.....I have half of her head left to root.  Her hair's starting to look pretty, pacify myself, I started rooting a white-skinned head with the pink and light-beige hair Kristen had left over from Jasmine...and Celeste.  I'm styling her hair like Dolla's, but shorter.  It was kind of a split-second decision.  I hope it doesn't turn out looking like crap....n_n....

    The mini F body has quite a pronounced willy O_o....I showed it to Mom, but she didn't get it.



    Hey, it's the first day of September! :D  A few things have been happening in my doll world lately...I received the invoice for Gjinalu's not pretty ^___^;;......Damn!  But she seems to be one of the most rare Volks dolls....I should've known that I wouldn't be able to just stumble upon her.   When she finally comes home, I'll be a happy girl.  I feel like I have a lot of purple-haired dolls! 

    I finally finished my second male doll, Kei, who I rooted with that dark purple Noix de Rome hair I really love.  He looks just like a girl ^o^!  That's okay, that was the plan.  I'm a little upset that his hair came out in the style it did....;_;....not because it looks bad but because he has the same exact hairstyle as Luc from Suikoden....and...I'm working on a doll of him and I didn't use the same rooting pattern....O_o......I'm sure he'll turn out okay, though.   I replaced his feet with the smaller ones, so he'll be able to wear those Azone lace-up boots after all.  Good luck lacing them up >_<!

    Volks is going to release more dolls soon.   They're part of the Lost Angels story but not actual Lost and Dark Angels.   Kristen and I preordered the boys from the Doll and Hobby Shoppe ^__^;;......Kyon designed them, so they should be interesting.  I like their clothes a lot!   Especially the outfit with the cape, though Kristen has dibs on that guy.  Oh well.  I'm not sure what to think of the girls, who seem to be Lagla and Gjinalu's "guardian spirits" or something like that....^^;; .....I can't get a good look at their faces.  Besides, it's the boys I want, the BOYS!  

    Volks is discontinuing a lot of their hair colors...I wonder why?  Maybe they wanted to put all their efforts into making dolls.  Or maybe they couldn't compete with Noix de Rome.  This upsets me....I'm worried that rooting hair is going to be too hard to find soon....As long as Noix de Rome doesn't blow up, I guess it'll be okay. 


    Hi again! :D  I haven't written here for a while because I'm trying to establish some kind of routine.  ^___^  I'm not used to putting my  private thoughts on display, even if it's just about doll collecting.   Would writing in this diary once a week be a good idea? I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my other diary.  Do I really need more than one?  If I'm going to keep my doll-related thoughts here, should I save my bitching about my family for my eyes alone ^^?  Oh, but I can do more than complain.  I'll keep the other diary for ...other thoughts you all might find interesting.

    Well.....the number 21,500 keeps swirling around in my mind.  21,500 yen.  That's what I have to pay for the Heartful Fair Gjinalu I won on Yahoo!Japan.  It's come as quite a shock ^^.  I don't know's not like I haven't spent more on a doll before.  Is it because I came so close to losing?  Is it because when I went to bed she was at 8,000 yen and I kept telling myself that no one would want to pay much more for her?  I upped my bid at the last minute as a safeguard.  I had originally intended to only bid 20,000 yen, but if I had I would've 1,500 yen ?!?!

    I never thought I'd be able to find a Gjinalu ^__^.....thought I'd have to be content buying lots of Laglas.....not like she's any easier to get.  But I do have to say that I hate auctions!  I loathe the element of uncertainty.  I hate having to battle someone else over a doll.  I'm so used to having "eclectic" tastes and bidding on things no one else wants, like a Showroom Angel or a deboxed doll.  Or Psychic Force doujinshi ^__^;;;.....I'm by no means wealthy.  It's the worst when I'm bidding on Yahoo!Japan through a middleman service.  If I'm going to go after something, anything, I want to know if I'm going to make it right away >_<!

But I guess the price isn't too unreasonable...and I am very glad that I won.  Maybe I'll suffer for it later, but I haven't received the bill yet, so I'm happy ^______^......



I finally found a picture of the Summer edition Minrei on Yahoo!Japan! ^o^ (Yes, I know it's spelled "Ming-rei" now, but I prefer the old spelling...;_; in private, I'll refer to her as that. Well, she's really pretty.....^^