Elara's Room


Name: Elara

Age: 24

Creation Info:

    Body: Dynamite Takara Super Action Jenny Body

    Head: Azone Doll Edit Kit 02(brown hair)

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Writing, collecting seashells, green tea

Dislikes: Interviews, coffee, people who smoke

Background: Elara is a successful model who is admired by her friends and family.  Her most distinguishing feature is her very long hair, which she refuses to cut  despite her employers' requests.  Secretly, she is molding her career and even her appearance after her older sister, who was killed in a car accident.   She had always adored her sister, and her family worries that she is trying to "become" her in an attempt to hide her loss. Her seashell collecting is the one hobby she has kept from her childhood.

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Creator's Comments: Elara has the same head as Takara Jenny Friend Lina--that head is deceptively hard to paint.  I tried to make her eyes as small as I could--even though it made Elara look pretty manly, I always liked that look with this particular head.  I wish the Azone Doll Edit kits came with side-parted hair instead of center-parted!  She almost came to a tragic end when I stupidly decided to do the tops and bottoms of her eyes in taupe instead of burnt umber like I usually do. It all smeared together and I couldn't tell her eyelids from the tops of her eyes.  Luckily I managed to fix her.

I got her name from a character from the anime series Twin Signal. I actually didn't like Twin Signal at all, and Elara was a particularly annoying character, but I still like her name.

I used the bigger busted body for Elara--I thought it would be good for novelty value, but as you can see, I can't close her dress!  She's bustin' out all over...

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