Emilio's Room


Name: Emilio Michaelov

Age: 16

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks New Excellent C

    Head: Volks A head hand-rooted with #18C green hair

    Eyes  painted with Liquitex paints

emi3.JPG (16373 bytes)


Creator's Comments: Yeah, another male character doll..and no, he's not a full-time sommelier. ^^  Emilio is a character from the Psychic Force fighting game series--this is the Psychic Force 2012 version.  He needs an outfit and some angel wings! ^^ Emilio is the shy, fragile Master of Light who was brainwashed into being an evil little punk who kills people for fun. (laughs)  My version is Emilio after he gets his memory back, which means that he needs some gold wings, and unlike the "evil" version, he has highlights in his eyes. It wouldn't be fun to paint his eyes otherwise, and I wanted a nice boy in my collection...(laughs)   His hair doesn't quite have the lift that it does in the game, but what can I do about that anime hair?

Emilio is supposed to be 168 cm, so maybe I should have given him Excellent N, but he's very slender. Also, when he was 14, he was about 25 cm shorter, so I feel weird making him look more mature. ^^;  It's too bad the head that comes with Excellent C is so big. I don't know if anybody else has noticed that prerooted Volks A heads are quite a bit smaller than the ones they give you with the Excellent bodies!

Webmistress's Comments: I have to learn how to make angel wings!   Kristen never asked me to make Emilio wings, but I figure it'd be good life experience.  But I don't even know where to start!  I know, buy feathers? *_*

Leene's Comments: Emilio-kun, have you come to fly into my heart *^___^*?



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