Eve's Room


Name: Eve

Age: 16

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent K(white-skinned)

    Head: Volks prerooted A-type gold white-skinned hair head

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Cats, snowy weather

Dislikes: Crowds, dancing

Background: Eve is a shy, naive girl who attends a prestigious boarding school on the grounds that she never reveal anything about her background. She is secretly the younger twin daughter of a monarch who ran away from home and is being hidden by her aunt.  She and her sister were never close, and her parents treated her as if she didn't exist because her older sister was in line to inherit the throne.  Her aunt, a friend of the school's headmistress, sympathizes with Eve and wants to give her a chance to make her own life, a life without feeling like an unwanted child.  In order to keep the media away, her aunt enrolled her in a boarding school and visits her every week.  However, Eve doesn't seem to be making any other friends...

eveout2.JPG (22010 bytes)


Creator's Comments: I'm not sure what possessed me to do a doll with white skin and gold hair, but I thought it would be an interesting idea. ^__^  Eve turned out a lot like I expected her to.  Seeing pictures of Super Dollfie Nono and thinking back on a fantasy character I created a long time ago gave me ideas for her face, but I think she turned out more like the latter.  The character's name was Orianna, but looking back on it, that's kind of a hard name to swallow. (laughs)  I always liked the simplicity of Eve.  I admit that I don't much like the K body on her, but I was working with next to nothing. ^^;

Webmistress's Comments: I sewed the outfit ^o^!  Well, it's not much, but...I had to find a use for that plum-colored velvet...^^    I love Eve!  She's so dainty, even with Excellent K.  She's a pain in the neck to photograph, though.  Her eyes and lips are very light, and they blend into her skin....lovely doll in person, though.    She'd look nice in a Victorian outfit, I think. 

Leene's Comments: Eve and Juliette go to the same boarding school.   They're roommates, actually....despite their differences they get along well.   They started coming here together. ^^;;.....I can't help but wonder if Juliette will ever read Eve's fortune and find out about her past.  Could she have done it already?   Things could get ugly for Eve if she did.....Juliette's a good girl but she puts a price on so many things.....



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