Fuuka's Room


Name: Fuuka

Age: 13

Creation Info:

    Volks Super Dollfie Rio (New Makeup Version)



Background: Fuuka is one of the most popular members of an amateur acting troupe. She has a natural grace and pristine image that has made her an idol for her peers despite her shyness.  She loves solitude and nature, and has a tendency to hide from people.  She only feels truly at ease on the stage or at home with her sisters.


fuukacard.JPG (18274 bytes)


Comments:  It's customizing time ^o^!

I actually was going to hold off on this for a while, but after her eyelashes arrived I decided to jump right in ^_^;;....I had nightmares about messing up her face, and I wanted to get it over with!

So....what did I do?  Actually, more than I planned!   The New Makeup SD's face paint is, thankfully, very easy to remove with acetone.   Since I planned on giving her real  lashes, I removed the painted upper ones but left the lower ones.  I repainted her eyelids in dark pink and painted her lips over in a darker coral. I gave her a little bit of pink eyeshadow.  Her eyelashes were hard to put in, much harder than Miyako's, because the full-sized SDs' heads are designed differently.  I bought brown ones because black can look harsh against an SD's pale skin.

What do you think? I can't really give myself much credit because Volks did such a good job with her base makeup.  Maybe I have no pride, but I'm sooo glad I didn't have to do her eyebrows myself!



Leene's Comments:  Fuuka's special little pet in her family is Miyako. Does that seem strange to you?