Ginrei's Room


Name: Ginrei

Age: 18


    Body: Dynamite (SAJ) Body

    Original Price:13,800 yen

    Limited to 1000 (??) pieces

ginrei2.JPG (23847 bytes)


Comments: Another expensive Yellow Submarine doll >_<! But so high quality.... I wasn't sure if I wanted this one at first, because the pictures I saw of her weren't that great, but I do love Giant Robo so....^^;;.....all I needed to see was that one clear picture of Ginrei to decide that I should buy her.  And she's really nice!  Of all the dolls put out by Yellow Submarine, she is one of the dolls that bears the closest likeness to the actual character.  But didn't Ginrei have green hair in the anime?   Greenish-black?  I'm not sure, but I guess I can't complain.  I don't know how they managed to do her hairstyle.   ^_^

I really want that concert-version Minmei now.....;_;.....even if she is one of those most hated females in the history of anime.  I'm glad that someone decided to make a doll of Ginrei!  We need more dolls of cool anime girls! 

Oh, by the way, did anyone else see that picture of all the bald Ginrei heads at Licca-chan Castle in NEODOLL? Funnee.......^-^


Leene's Comments:  Ginrei-samaaaaaaaa!  If you can't hold that metal gun you came with, can I have it?

Webmistress:  But I lost it! ^_^;;

Leene: Geeeehhhhhh........-_-;;;

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