Gjinalu's Room


Name: Dark Angel Gjinalu (Heartful Fair version)

Age: 15


    Body: NEO EB

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

    Limited to 500 pieces

gji2.JPG (15700 bytes)



Name: Dark Angel Gjinalu (Machine Suit version)

Age: 15


    Body: Excellent H

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

    Limited to 300 pieces

machinegjin1.JPG (23993 bytes)

Comments:  Gjinalu ^o^!  I never thought I'd be able to find her.  The only version of her that's readily available seems to be the Nice Green one.  She's pretty, but not a substitute for a "poseable" one.   This Heartful Fair Gjinalu cost me 21,500 yen on Yahoo!Japan.  I had originally had my eye on the original or Super Lingerie version, but the pickings were slim....;_;....I'm very satisfied with this version.  ^_^

She came in a beige lace slip with matching panties (now I feel so vulgar >_<!).  I like her outfit a lot ^___^.    Her packaging was not so nice, though.  The heart-shaped box was little more than an oversized blisterpack. Bad, Volks, very bad!

I love simple hairstyles like this Gjinalu's.  If I had purple hair, I' d want to show off its extraordinary color with an elegant, blunt cut.   Why does my hair have to be so wavy? ::screams::

Gjinalu is a Dark Angel, and Lagla's younger sister.  According to Volks, she's very cruel and brutal but  seems to have a human lover she doesn't want to hurt.  They hint that she might stray from her mission as a Dark Angel....I heard once that she has the power to control animals, but I might have been misinformed ^_6.....oh, and her rival is Akari.

3/17/02:  And here's Machine Suit Gjinalu! ^o^  She is one unusual-looking doll!  Not only is her hair blue instead of the usual purple, but she also has blue eyes and light blue eyeshadow.  That's right, eyeshadow!!   This doll is Kristen's, and the Claudia is mine.  I like them both a lot, but I'm especially glad to have this doll in my house n_n...She has the old Volks blue hair, which makes Kristen very happy.  I'm starting to think that Gjinalu's the prettiest of all the Lost and Dark Angels.  I wonder if Volks will ever re-release the original one? I'm so glad Volks has finally taken note and starting producing their Lost and Dark Angels with varying eye colors!

Leene's Comments:  Lagla-sama, keep an eye on your little sister!  She's too young to have a "human lover"....;_;......


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