Ilyse's Room


Name: Ilyse

Age: 20

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent K , white-skinned

    Head: Volks A-type head hand-rooted with Volks pink and Noix de Rome light beige rooting hair

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: book stores, autumn leaves, birds

Dislikes: cold food, unpredictable people

Background:  Ilyse is currently working as a student teacher at Kei's school. She is well-liked by her pupils, and unlike her superiors,   she is fond of Kei and treats him like a younger brother. A frail-looking young woman that many people feel protective of, Ilyse is looking for the boy who was her companion eight years ago.  But does she know that he's not the same person she used to know?


Comments: My birthday girl ^o^!  Meaning, I finished her on October 14, 2001, my 23rd birthday.  Maybe I should've made her be 23, but I'm not yet comfortable with that, starting with next year, I'll be aging backwards. ^_^

This is my last white body.  I was originally going to save it for some dark blue Noix de Rome hair, but...I admit, I don't know why I did this instead.   I guess I was bored ^o^!  Does it look okay?

I used leftover hair from Kristen's Jasmine, and a little from Celeste.   It's kind of a reverse Dolla look.  I didn't have enough pink to do it the other way around...^^;;....

I'm really sorry about the quality of the photograph!  Ilyse is impossible to photograph, like all the dolls I've made with light coloring (Leene?).   I'm going to have to sew her an outfit.  Probably something in a dark color.

Leene's Comments: Ilyse-san is a real stickler for education--she insists that all of our patrons read five books a month and quizzes them once a week on content.  Why is it that the younger teachers are always the harsh ones?


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