Jasmine's Room


Name: Jasmine

Age: 17

Creation Info:

    Body:  Volks Excellent L

    Head: rooted with Noix de Rome light beige hair

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Nature, fountains(not the drinking variety)

Dislikes: City life, blunt people

Background: Jasmine is a calm, pure-hearted girl with a great love for nature.   Some of her friends think that one of the reasons why she's so mellow is because she lives in a fantasy world, but she is always appreciated whenever somebody's in a bad mood.  She likes to daydream, but is actually quite intelligent--if only she didn't space out so much during class!

jasminenew1.JPG (21970 bytes)

Creator's Comments: Jasmine is the first doll I've made with Noix de Rome hair. I had originally planned on braiding her hair, but it didn't look too good once I painted her face, so I tried to loosen up her hair a bit. ^^;  I didn't like her much at first--not really sure why--but I'm slowly getting used to her.  Her pigtails are quite long. ^^  One problem with Jasmine is that she is kind of hard to dress--something that I hope will be remedied once I figured out exactly *why* she doesn't look good in anything I put her in.

Webmistress's Comments: I just noticed that the Noix de Rome light beige color is the same as Volks white...^^;;;.....I don't think that any company makes pure white!  But I think I like this color better.  Noix de Rome hair is nice and soft....I really like Jasmine' s coloring, and her hairstyle is very cute.  Maybe now, I'll be brave enough to root for two tails as well ^____^;;......

Leene's Comments:  Spaced-out? Jasmine's always been one of our most "grounded" patrons.  For someone who daydreams so much, she's very observant.  She can listen to one person drone on for hours without once trying to turn the conversation to herself....



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