Jenny's Room


Name: Jenny

Age: 20

Creation Info:

    Body: New Excellent A

    Head: Volks SH-11 head rooted with Volks Golden Brown and Brown rooting hair

    Eyes  and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Photography, reading, ethnic restaurants

Dislikes: The color black, being busy

Background: Jenny is a university student with a very unusual childhood. Scouted while still in elementary school by a talent agency, she had a promising career as a model but decided after graduating from high school that she wanted to be behind the camera, not in front of it.  Since then, she quietly slipped out of the spotlight and resumed her life as a "normal girl".  She is a gentle, well-mannered girl, but has a stubborn side and doesn't care about what others think of her.

jenny2.JPG (23915 bytes)


Creator's Comments:  Jenny was in production for a long time. She was inspired by one of the Jill Stuart Jennys(hence the name Jenny) and is my first attempt painting the SH-11 head. I was really nervous!  I couldn't even decide on her eye color until I had the base colors of her eye down. ^^;; But she really didn't give me much trouble at all. I based her eyeprint on one of Omoiataru's dolls(I think it was her repainted Yuuki).  The only problem I had with her was with doing her hair--the Volks Golden Brown color is really pretty, but it has a strange texture and has a tendency to clump together. That coupled with the fact that I couldn't find a plastic sleeve to fit her hair so I could boil it flat really vexed me. But her hair settled down after a while.

I want to do some more SH-11 dolls.  I'm going to do a doll of Rydia from Final Fantasy 4 with the SH-11 head, but I want to save up to get her a bustier body, like Excellent F--I don't know if she can hold up her outfit with B. (laughs)

Webmistress's Comments:  Jenny is such a pretty doll ^o^!  The SH-11 head is a lovely little head.  It scared me at first because it's so small compared to the other heads,  but once it's painted it has a beautiful, heart-shaped face.  Oh, and I painted the lips on this doll ^___^;;.......

Leene's Comments:  ^_^  Jenny-san looks a lot like Raughla, doesn't she?  But they're nothing alike.....Jenny-san is such a quiet and unintrusive person, you'd never guess that she used to make a living from being visible. ^_^


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