Keiichi's Room


Name: Keiichi Date

Age: ??


    Body: Excellent N

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

     Limited to 500 pieces

keiichi1.JPG (17122 bytes)


Comments:  He's pretty.  Really pretty.  I think he looks very smoldering, and exactly like a woman ^__^...that's okay, though, because that's the style.  Keiichi is Kristen's doll, but I like him a lot too. Truth be told, she only got him because it was her turn to have first dibs...^^;;;.....and there really isn't any point to buying two, right? 

His outfit is really nice.  I wonder what people would think of a guy who walked around dressed like that in real life (it'd be cool, but....), but on a doll it's very stylish ^___^.  Who said capes were just for girls?  His features are very soft; his eyes have very little white in them.  And his lips are the color of my favorite lipstick ^___^...he's definitely a Kyon boy! 


As far as his personality goes, sorry ladies, but Keiichi is a jerk.   A big one.  He hates children and old people, and thinks it's only natural that he should get his way all the time.  He is good friends with Kuniyoshi, though, so maybe he's not that bad.... but until he gets into therapy to deal with his type-A personality, we're all going to have to be content to just look at him.


Leene's Comments:  Keiichi-kun is a jerk! ::sobs:: This is my house!  Mine! ;_;....


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