Keiko's Room


Name: Keiko

Age: 16


    Body: Dynamite (SAJ) Body

    Original Price:7,000 yen

    Limited to ??? pieces

keiko2.JPG (26896 bytes)


Comments: Keiiiiiiikooooooooo!  ::sings::  ^o^  This Noix de Rome doll doesn't look much like the original designed by Kaname Byakko, but she's beautiful nonetheless.  She came in a vinyl maid dress that I now have on my Takara-bako Rie, I think ^___^;;;.......Keiko looks so much like Hotaru(Sailor Saturn) that I had to put her in a school uniform.  Sorry her hair's frizzing out a little ^^!

According to Kaname Byakko, one of Keiko's claims to fame is her bust size ^^......Heh.....he's such a perv, but I love his dolls anyway.  Watch for Caty around Christmas!  She was put out by Azone, strangely enough.  Another lovely doll....^_^

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