Kenshin's Room


Name: Himura Kenshin

Age: 28


    Body:Excellent C

    Original Price: 12,800 yen

    Limited to 1000 pieces

kenshincafe1.JPG (23521 bytes)

Comments:  I've never seen his show before, but I read a few volumes of the manga.  It's not my cup of tea (though I did love the part with that guy who looked like Gambit from X-Men.. n_n) but Kenshin is very cute and so is this doll.  I had to wait quite a while to get him, though!  I thought I'd missed him for good...

I love this doll because he's a boy  ^__^.  He pre-dates the Excellent N body, so he's very skinny.  If you buy him, he can date all your female dolls.   He's a nice change of pace from the Jenny boyfriends >_<!

Leene's Comments:  Ever since he came here, the girls have been passing him around like a favorite sweater @_@....doesn't he have a girlfriend at home?  We need to bring more men in here, if you ask me.


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