Kisara's Room


Name: Lost Angel Kisara (Second Version)

Age: ??


    Body: New Excellent Mini B

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

     Limited to 100 pieces

kisaradawn1.JPG (16815 bytes)

Comments:  Okay, I admit that I hadn't planned on buying her.   She is, after all, a mini, and though I do think that the mini head mold is really cute, I don't have a lot of patterns for 22 cm clothing ^___^;;.....

She was the first  Lost Angel  I  wanted two years ago when I first stumbled upon the Volks homepage.  The first version, that is....^^...I didn't like the outfit that came on this one, but the fact that the second version has a new Excellent body was enough to justify buying her over the first version ^^.  I put an organdy bow in her hair, so who cares ^___^?

Why is it that the dolls we expect to be the least  impressed with are the ones we end up liking the most?  I love my Kisara more than I could've imagined.  I know that she's supposed to be the "God" of the Lost Angel's story, but she looks like a naughty kid to me ^^.  I wonder if Yamihime is this cute? I'd better buy some Licca MFDBs now...^^

According to Volks, Kisara is a generous and big-hearted person, but she can be short-tempered.  I guess that's what happens when you live by such high standards ^____^;;;;........


Leene's Comments:  High standards, no kidding ^___^;;;...every time Kisara-sama smiles up at me I feel like I'm running a speakeasy!  ....But it's all right.  She's the only person who remembered my birthday last year ^^.



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