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Name: Leene (60cm version)

Age: ??

Creation Info:

    Body: Obitsu 60cm body, Volks mini SD braid wig in pearl white

    Facial features painted with Liquitex paints


leenebig.JPG (9558 bytes)


Comments:  I'm not sure of the popularity of these giant Obitsu bodies, but I thought they were a pretty original idea and  had been itching to try customizing one into a 60cm version of Leene, this site's mascot. I had been planning on waiting till October to buy one, but I decided that I'd better order one from HLJ before their stock ran out--they're one of the only companies that doesn't fudge the exchange rate!

The head mold is unusual with its pursed mouth and rounded cheeks, but I still found it fun to work with. I widened the mouth a bit with taupe paint to keep her from looking too prissy. The body itself is as sturdy as a 1/6 scale figure. It's much easier to pose than an SD body because it's made out of  hard plastic vinyl as opposed to resin and snaps together almost like a  Volks NEO body. (At one point when I was lugging her around her torso disconnected from her legs, but I just snapped it back into place.  No problem! ^o^)

These dolls can wear mini SD wigs and standard SD clothing. The body itself has a nice, womanly shape to it. I don't have a SD 13 to compare it with, but the figures appear to be similar. My only gripe is that the skin tone is a little sallow, and that makes the doll hard to photograph. ^_^;

I'm not sure what to think of my painting job. Atemi-san's dolls are much prettier, but Leene-chan is the first of these dolls that I've seen with long hair, and I rather like it. ^___^


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