Lucia's Room


Name: Lucia

Age: 28

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent B

    Head: Neo head hand-rooted with 12C gold and pearl pink hair

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

neogirl3.JPG (27290 bytes)


Creator's Comments: Lucia was an interesting experiment in painting and hair color. ^^  I had a little bit of pearl pink hair left that was too pretty to throw away, so I decided to root a head with it.  I thought pink and yellow might be too unusual for mesh, but once I got her hair set, the colors flowed together pretty well. ^^ Her eyes are outlined in taupe and painted in light aqua and lavender. I made her a little more made up than I usually do--she's supposed to have a "goddess look".  One of these days, I going to have to do a Neo doll for myself--I realy like the head for making more ladylike dolls.  I don't much care for the Neo body itself, though, so I'll probably continue to stick the Neo head on a regular Excellent body. ^^


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