Madalyn's Room



Name: Madalyn

Age: 8

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks New Excellent Mini A

    Head: Volks Mini head, hand-rooted with RestoreDoll Allaglow rooting hair

    Facial features painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Strawberry shortcake, sneaking out at bedtime

Dislikes: History lessions, being called for dinner

Background: Madalyn is an orphan under the care of Danae. She used to be cheerful and talkative but since the death of her parents she's become listless and sullen. She speaks little except to say cryptic things that trouble Danae more than she'd like to admit. She has recently made a new friend in a girl even more gloomy and secretive than she is, and Danae is desperately trying to discourage this relationship.


Comments: My second mini doll! What is she going to wear? I wasn't sure what to do with her at first, but since I'm pushing myself into the habit of trying new things I thought, "Why not make her a blonde? With brown eyes and no bangs?" Heh...for me, the ordinary is unusual. o_o

I styled her hair after that Azone Rocket Rabbits Caty's. I used a lot of Water Wax to keep it from falling in her eyes, but there it is, falling in her eyes. Mini dolls are cute, but they aren't as easy to paint as you'd think. I'd like to make a tanned one someday, though.


Leene's Comments: I wonder if Madalyn-chan sees things other people can't? She won't say anything about it to me, but I can tell!


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