Maki's Room



Name: Maki

Age: 15

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent L

    Head: Volks prerooted A-type black hair head

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Playing the guitar, black tea

Dislikes: Studying for entrance exams, udon

Background: Maki is a Japanese middle school student with a cheerful, well-rounded personality.   She's quite popular in school but frequently gets in trouble with her parents because she has a tendency to lose herself in her hobbies(namely playing the guitar)whenever she's stressed out.  Unknown to everybody but her closest friends, she turned down a talent scout who heard her music at a party because she didn't want to upset her parents. 

makisky1.JPG (14090 bytes)


Creator's Comments: Like Sanae, Maki turned out quite a bit different than I had planned her. ^^;  Originally, I was planning on mimicking one of Kaname Byakko's dolls with her face paint, and giving her a kind of adult dress, but when I was done she just looked too cute for that. ^^;;;  So she became an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl.   Her outfit is pending but I'm planning on giving her a turtleneck shirt, mini skirt and knee socks. Some big shoes would be nice. ^^  A lot of my ideas for dolls and doll outfits are inspired by the Pop'n Music games! ^___^

Her eyes are a bit smaller and rounder than I'm used to but I don't think she turned out too badly.

Webmistress's Comments: Well, you ought to thank me some more, because I'm the one who gave you the head and body for her >_<!   ::laughs:: Really, you did a nice job!  Maki is adorable, I couldn't have done it better myself ^^;;;........I did paint her lips, so maybe we can call this doll a collaborative effort.  Don't her eyes look nice and lucid?   She has "girly eyes".....^^


Leene's Comments: Poor Maki-chan....;_;...she doesn't know when to act like a child and when to act like an adult.  She's at a tough age...I think her parents should be a little easier on her.  After all, it's not like she's on heroin or anything!

This place has been attracting a lot of musicians.  I wonder if we should start a band?  I could always take up the alpenhorn...^___^...


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