Mana's Room


Name: Mana

Age: 14

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent A

    Head: Volks A-type head hand rooted with #6C light blue and #11 black  hair

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: The ocean, freedom

Dislikes: Being scolded by her sisters, rules

Background:  Mana is the youngest of three sisters who live in a mansion by the sea by themselves.  She's a sweet girl, but has a stubborn streak that makes it impossible for her to understand anybody who doesn't agree with her. She and her sisters have magical abilities that can control various aspects of nature, which they try to conceal from others, but Mana seems to think that her powers are exclusively for her to play with.   Visitors to the beach near their house have noticed strange things when Mana is in a playful mood--like snow in July?! Mana always brushes off these concerns with "nobody believes in magic anyway, so what's the problem?"

manasea4.JPG (22118 bytes)

Creator's Comments: I originally intended Mana to be a for-sale doll, but she didn't sell, so she became Lauren's new little girl. ^^ I didn't like how the blue/black mesh looked when I first started rooting, but once Mana was done I thought it looked really nice. Like candy! ^^;  I'm working on one of her sisters right now, but I'm keeping her for myself. 

Comments:   Hee hee she's all mine now!  I admit that when Kristen first started rooting her hair, it looked odd and kind of Halloweenish, but now that it's been steamed and styled I think it looks great ^___^!   It's too bad that she didn't sell, but I'm glad that she's gone to someone who'll treat her right....Me ^_^!

Leene's Comments:  Snow in July?....^_^  I think I'd like to visit Mana's home, but I haven't left this place in such a long time, I'm afraid I might melt.  ^o^..........


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