Margaret's Room


Name: Lost Angel Margaret (Original Version)

Age: 13


    Body: New Excellent  B

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

     Limited to 100 pieces

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Comments:  I am so sorry I didn't finish this page sooner ;_;!   Margaret was my birthday present to Kristen last year, and I wonder if I thought she was going to write something.  That would've been pretty confusing, though, wouldn't it? 

Margaret is a very pretty doll!  She doesn't look much like a thirteen-year-old, but nobody's perfect. ^__^  Her makeup looks like it was done by an artist *^^*, like Amanda's, except Margaret's lip color is more orange.  Her eyebrows are so pointy, she looks like she's plotting something.   Is Volks sure that Margaret's supposed to be the good one?

According to Volks, Margaret is cheerful and a good "idea" person.  She can see the good in even the worst situation.  Her personality doesn't really fit her face, but that just makes her more interesting.  You can't judge a book by its cover, right?  ^_^ Her rival, Raughla, has a considerably sweeter face, but if you examine her closely you can see something inhuman in her eyes.....while Margaret just looks tough and intelligent. Kristen and I joke around that Margaret looks a little like Jill Hennessey.  What do you think?

Leene's Comments:   Margaret-sama first got in here with a fake ID.....^^  but I don't think she needed it.  I swear, I thought she was in her 30s!

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