Maria's Room


Name: Lost Angel Maria (Nurse Version)

Age: 18


    Body: Excellent B

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

     Limited to 1000 pieces

mariadawn1.JPG (21496 bytes)


Comments:  I have a feeling that Maria isn't as popular as the other Lost Angels, but I love her ^o^!  She has a boyish cuteness that makes her look good in feminine outfits.  There are a few versions of her out there, but they all look similar.....Volks seems to like to alternate between giving her red and orange hair.   The Heartful Fair version is really cute!  But I'm glad that I have the Nurse version.  Maria is a Dollfie Fan Club exclusive (along with Lagla).  Even though this version is limited to 1000 pieces, I had to hunt for her for over a year. 

According to Volks, Maria lives in the Swiss Alps.  She has healing powers, and is a kind and gentle person.  She's definitely not as sexy as the other Lost Angels, but she's adorable nonetheless. ^____^

Her Dark Angel rival is Dolla.....I found that odd ^^;;......they don't resemble each other at all, but Dolla appears to be a nurse as well.....


Leene's Comments:  Maria-sama still doesn't have a boyfriend....even though she's 18 years old, she has the mind of a child in so many ways   ^^;;;.......I wonder if it's because she's often mistaken for a boy herself?   Maybe I should introduce her to Clapika-san n_n......



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