Mary's Room


Name: Mary

Age: 15

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks New Excellent A

    Head: Volks prerooted black-brown B-type head

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Yakimochi, journal-writing, baking

Dislikes: Cliques, mayonnaise

Background: Mary is a shy, studious girl of Japanese and American heritage who attends an elite boarding school in Japan.  Although she frequently appears as sidekick to the most popular girl in her grade, outside class she is a stubborn person who insists on mothering everyone close to her, whether they want her to or not.  Some people say she's so eager to play  nursemaid because it's the only way she can keep herself from becoming a total outcast.  In reality, she is in love with her best friend's boyfriend, and can only express her feelings by making their lives her obsession.

maryrepaint2.JPG (19778 bytes)


Comments:  Mary is a repainted doll ^^;;....I first painted her in January and ended up doing her over because she just looked too messy.   I hope I did the right thing!  >_<....She looks completely different now.  She used to have green eyes and looked a little boyish, but now.....she's such a B-type head doll!

*^_^*.....I'm not sure what to think.  I have a hard time painting the B-type head.  I wonder if maybe her eyes are a little overdone?  Well, she has to be an improvement over last time....


Leene's Comments: For such a shy person, Mary-chan can take a lot of responsibility onto her shoulders.  I don't understand why she does what she does....she's a cute girl, so why does she think she has to make a martyr of herself at so early an age?  ^_^;......If she doesn't break out of her shell soon, she's going to have a rather ugly mid-life crisis...


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