Maya's Room


Name: Maya

Age: 15

Creation Info:

    Volks Super Dollfie Aya

Likes: Dance clubs, home economics,  field hockey

Dislikes: Bullies, smoking, popular music

Background:  Maya is an upperclassman at Fuuka's school and her best friend.  She is bright and popular with a distinct wild side. Maya has made it her mission to help Fuuka overcome her shyness, but as of recently, she has been spending most of her time at Fuuka's house helping her care for her sisters. Maya's other friends wonder if Fuuka's influence has subdued her need for adventure.


mayablondeflip1.JPG (20063 bytes)


Comments: I can't believe we have her ^__^!   Buying her from the Doll and Hobby Shoppe was a split-second decision. We had planned on ordered a FCS doll with the F-08 head for our birthday in October, but after some quick calculation we realized that if we bought Aya instead it would save us over $200.  We wanted a cute doll with more realistic features, and Aya fit the bill nicely for our SD of the year! (Even if she is several months too early...^_^;;) Aya is a limited edition SD, and we bought the last one, I hear.  We really couldn't have waited!

She's even prettier than I expected! I'm so happy we were able to buy this doll!  I'm not sure what kind of wig would suit her  best, but here she's wearing a light blonde Tallina's wig.  I think she'd look nice with white or silver hair, but she's very cute as a blonde!  We have a pair of Zoukei-mura 18mm dark kite purple eyes on order for her. I expect they'll be in some time in the summer.   I don't want to spoil her, but Maya really is a beautiful girl! She's starting to become my pet.  ^__^


Leene's Comments: Maya-chan is the kind of person who would make sky-diving seem safe!  She worries a  lot about pushing Fuuka outside her comfort zone, but deep down Fuuka appreciates her concern more than she'll ever know....