Cyberdoll May's Room


Name:Cyberdoll May

Age: ???


    Body:Excellent B

    Original Price: 12,800 yen

    Limited to 300 pieces

maycafe1.JPG (17076 bytes)

Comments: This doll is......going up very high on Yahoo!Japan.  She belongs to Kristen, so please don't kill me >_<!  She was pretty lucky to get her....HobbyLink Japan only got a few of her in, and I have a feeling that the only reason we received one was because I had that stupid Pink Evil figure backordered for 5 months.....she just happened to come into stock at the same time as May, so...^___^;;;.......

She is very cute ^^.  Her eyeprint is a little messed up, but it's not such a big deal.  I don't know anything about the show that she's from, except that this doll is supposed to be 1/1 scale.  

Volks character dolls are kind of expensive ^^;;......this one is worth it, though.   She looks cute in the Azone Maid outfit....^^





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