Mika's Room


Name: Mika

Age: 16

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks  New Excellent B

    Head: Volks A-type head rooted with #11 black and #3C pink hair

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Flowers, cooking, Mana ^_^

Dislikes: Rainy days, stray cats(they eat her flowers!)

Background: Mika is Mana's older sister and the middle child of the three.  She has the ability to control plants with her voice, and prefers to spend more time with her flowers than with people.  She is shy and timid by nature, but gets along surprisingly well with Mana, who tries to help Mika be more outgoing.   However, Mika does not get along quite as well with her older sister Karin, both because her shyness makes her a bit of a burden on the family and because she doesn't pay much attention to where her flowers grow.

mikachan2.JPG (19092 bytes)


Creator's Comments: I started rooting Mika's hair shortly after I finished Mana, but because of the Sept. 11th attacks I didn't feel much like finishing her right away. But I finally finished her. ^^;  I had an urge to do a doll with very long, straight hair--somebody who would wear a kimono well.  I was originally going to give her the same hair style as Mana, but decided to just cut her bangs and leave her hair long. ^^

I admit that a lot of people will probably think her pink eyes are strange, but I personally like pink eyes--they remind me of pink tourmaline. ^^  I painted her eyes in pink and lavender, but left her lips with only a little color because I want her to look more demure than Mana. ^^

Webmistress's Comments: Isn't Mika-chan pretty *^-^*?   Kristen was originally going to make her for me, but since I kept Mana she kept Mika for herself.  I think it's better that way....she matches the Sky Terrace background, doesn't she? ^^ 

I think she really looks like Lost Angel Maria.    Similar eyeprint, don't you think?

Leene's Comments: I don't have a problem with flowers floating in mid-air. ^_^  Mika-chan helps me maintain the Dawn and Dusk Gardens in her spare time.  Even the Dark Angels seem to appreciate her talent!



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