Minako's Room


Name: Minako (Azone)

Age: ??


    Body: Dynamite SAJ body

    Original Price: 8,800 yen

    Limited to 500 pieces

minako1.JPG (20752 bytes)


Comments: Just Minako Love!

^_^;.....Sorry, that's what it said on the pamphlet she came with.  I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean...maybe that we're only supposed to love Minako? Or that now that we've met her, we're just supposed to love her, setting aside her flaws,  no questions asked ^^;;;

Not that she has any flaws!  I love everything about this doll.  She has a cool, spunky face, great clothes and a freaky-looking cowboy hat! ^^  Great shoes, too.  I don't think she's nearly as popular as Sahra, but she has a lot of appeal, doesn't she?  She was designed by the Japanese doll artist Aoki Chihaya.  She seems to have had a lot of work put into her ^^.  Normally, I find tough, urban fashions a little intimidating, but now, I want to start dressing like Minako ^^!

According to the pamphlet she came with, Minako is an active girl who enjoys shooting pool (and smoking big-a** stogies?^^;;;)   Just Minako Love!

Leene's Comments:  Her hat is all fuzzy inside ^O^!

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