Miyako's Room (version 2)


Name: Miyako (version 2)

Age: ??

Creation Info:

    Volks Mini Super Dollfie Kit (Sakura-type)

Likes: Ice cream, caterpillars, the color red

Dislikes: Bright sunlight, noisy people, crows

Background:  Miyako is a young vampire girl whose parents abandoned her when they discovered her true nature.  She seldom speaks, but always has a smile on her face.  She enjoys the company of other people but prefers to watch them; if they're quiet around her, she sometimes tries to speak to them with her mind.


miyakonew.JPG (20914 bytes)


Comments:  Miyako's first repaint ^____^!   I thought I needed the practice for when I get Rio.  I tried to give her a more natural look.  I put the most effort into her lips.  I had a harder time painting her this time, probably because I was trying so hard not to make her look like the way she did before.  I tried to lighten up on the eye makeup and use only neutral colors.  ^_^;;......I admit she really could use a blonde or brown wig, but I don't want to warp her completely! 

Still, brown would be nice ^^;;.......

I tried to use chalk pastels for her eye makeup, but for some reason they kept rolling off!  The only thing I've had success with is human makeup.   I used two shades of pink for her eyes.  Still pretty light, though.  And thank Zeus I didn't have any trouble putting her eyelashes in. ^o^  By some stroke of luck, it took me five minutes, tops!

In that picture, I guess she doesn't look that much different from her previous version. In person she looks so different it's scary ^_^....is it always this hard to get used to repaints?



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