Multi's Room


Name:  HMX-12 Multi

Age: uh.....she's a android.......


    Body: Beauty-type body ( I replaced it with Excellent A ^^)

    Original Price: 8,800 yen

    Limited to 1000 pieces

multicafe1.JPG (12255 bytes)

Comments: This Multi is really cute  *^-^*!  Even though this version didn't come with a posable body (a situation that was quickly remedied) I think she's superior to the Tsukuda Hobby and even the Marmit version.   I had originally ordered the Tsukuda Hobby 1/5 scale doll, but she was on backorder for over 6 months.  Rather than wait any longer, I snapped up this cutie as soon as she appeared on HobbyLink Japan's New Figure Release page.  My sister had a glimpse of the Tsukuda Hobby one while she was studying in Japan, and she informed me that it wasn't nearly as nice as the Volks one.   I'm glad she did.....those 1/5 scale dolls can be a floppy pain ^-^;;;.....

For all you Volks buffs out there this doll is one of the few possessors of the enormous 02 head.  And she's cute, isn't she?

Multi is a character from the popular video game and anime series To Heart.   She's an extremely clumsy android with a human soul ^^;;.....I've never seen the show before, but a lot of Japanese anime magazines have covered it in several issues....





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