Naoya's Room


Name: Naoya

Age: 19

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent  N

    Head: Volks #6 head handrooted with #20 light brown Noix de Rome hair

    Eyes  painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Drawing, reading, spending time with his family

Dislikes: Dance clubs, people who don't take school seriously

Background: Naoya is a young man who is raising his younger sister and brother on his own. He is studying to be a cartoonist, but has to work many hours outside college courses to support his family. Luckily, his sister Yayoi helps out the best she can, but she is frequently irritated at her brother's shy, sensitive demeanor.   Nonetheless, Naoya is fiercely protective of his siblings and would do anything to make sure they stay together.

naoyaout1.JPG (21696 bytes)


Creator's Comments: Naoya is the first #6 head doll I've ever done.  It took me a long time to get up the nerve to paint him--his eyes turned out smaller than I had planned, but I'm not that disappointed in my painting job on him.  ^^; I had originally planned on doing him with the C head, but after I took a look at it I realized that I really don't care for it.  I based my idea for him on Mokuren's father in Please Save My Earth. ^^;;;

The #20 Noix de Rome hair is quite possibly my favorite of all the colors. Takara used that hair on Sweet Jenny, Pearl Princess Jenny, the second Takara Bako Flora, and a couple of other dolls that I either managed to get my hands on or covet. ^^   They call it "cinnamon", but it's really more strawberry blond.

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