Rainbow Girl's Room


Name: Rainbow Girl (Keiko)

Age: ??


    Body: Ninie body (big-busted version)

    Original Price: 6000 yen

    Limited to ???? pieces

rain1.JPG (17353 bytes)

Comments: Isn't she cute ^o^?  I don't like all of Noix de Rome's original dolls, but Keiko, and her little Rainbow Girl counterparts, are adorable.  The original Keiko was designed by the famous  Japanese doll artist Kaname Byakko.  She doesn't look anything like the commercial version! ::laughs::

n_n.....Noix de Rome released these dolls with blue, orange, green, red, pink, black and yellow hair.  Each color was limited to 100 pieces.  This doll is Kristen's, but I definitely want one of my own one of these days ^o^!  Maybe the red one....or the blue one.....I dunno..^^;;;.....

Leene's Comments: We need more little ones in here ^_^!  Rainbow Girls look so bright and cheerful, they really are at home in the Marzipan Cafe.  If some more come over, maybe I can hire them as waitresses....


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