Raughla 13's Room



Name: Raughla 13

Age: 13!


    Body: Volks New Excellent Mini B, white-skinned

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

    Limited to 300 pieces

raughla13.JPG (19194 bytes)

Comments:  Ah, Raughla 13. One of the cutest commercial Volks dolls out there, and her outfit stains her from head to toe. TAKE IT OFF!

Unfortunately, we bought her almost a year after her release, and her body was pretty badly stained. Her face was miraculously spared, though, and she's such a cutie that I don't even mind the damage.  With that hair and those eyes, she could be the perfect mini doll. She looks like a little birdy ^o^! When the Doll and Hobby Shoppe was having their sale, we asked for Margaret 13 but she was no longer available. I'm glad things worked out the way they did, because Raughla 13 is probably the cuter of the two. Her eyeprint is gorgeous! I'm starting to like mini dolls very much. I wish I could find that....Ruuni? Lounie? That one with the white bobbed hair and the swirly glasses. She's cuuuuteee...but I bet Raughla 13 is cuter!

Leene's Comments: 

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