Raughla's Room


Name: Dark Angel Raughla (Original version)

Age: 13??!!


    Body: New Excellent B

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

    Limited to 100 pieces

raugh2.JPG (18588 bytes)

Comments:   *^_____^*........Raughla is really pretty!   Since she was limited to only 100 pieces, I was sure I didn't have a snowball's chance in you-know-where of finding her, but here she is.....^^  The reason? She....isn't popular.  ;_;.....I'm trying not to let it get to me, but of the newest Volks dolls she didn't seem to sell well.  I guess it's because she doesn't look much like a Volks doll, let alone a Dark Angel.  She has the number 11 head mold, like Mayu and Kana of Dolpa File SP.  Her eyeprint is complex, making her look very much like a shoujo anime girl---a Jenny doll, maybe?  Aya? She doesn't look evil at all, but that's why I find her so appealing.  Just the idea that this little blonde girl is really a Dark Angel intrigues me.  ^-^

I don't know much about Raughla's personality except that her rival is Margaret and she plans to spread rumors about her to get the paparazzi on her case....^^   I wonder how that would work?  Well, she's only 13, after all.....

:D  So now you've met Raughla.  Be her friend or I won't let you come to my site ever again >_<!


Leene's Comments:  Raughla looks like a nice girl, but she's really a cheat!  We play Monopoly every night and she always wins, even after I buy Park Place!  She's robbing the bank behind my back, I know it!  And tonight, I'm going to catch her on tape.....

Raughla: n_n........






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