Reiko's Room


Name: Reiko

Age: 18

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Dollfie Plus body

    Head: Volks A-type head hand-rooted with Noix de Rome violet B rooting hair

    Facial features painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Vintage designer dresses, jazz music, giving interviews

Dislikes: Plane trips, photo sessions, green food

Background: Reiko is a young actress who lives on her own. She is Kei's older sister, but the two were placed in separate foster homes following their parents' death and haven't seen each other in years.  She was scouted by a talent agent when she was in elementary school and has been acting ever since; she is most famous for her role as the villainess in a popular teen horror film. She is trying to contact her younger brother and invite him to live with her, but he seems to want nothing to do with her.

reiko1.JPG (20918 bytes)


Comments:  Reiko is a doll I've always planned on making but never had any immediate plans to finish.  If that makes any sense ^_^!   I constructed her entirely out of spare parts from other customizing projects.   Her body is the failed Dollfie Plus's, her hair was left over from when Kristen rerooted a Timotei of mine, and her head used to belong to a C-body (probably Julian's).   The head that comes with the C-body is more like the old prerooted A-type heads than the blank ones that now come packaged with Excellent bodies.  The vinyl is harder, and it's considerably fuller and more boyish.  I think that Reiko has a boyish look.  Something about that jaw ^_^....I haven't decided whether it suits her or not, but I guess it doesn't matter!

I had been shying away from 1/6 scale customizing for a while.   The materials have become harder to find, and 1/6 scale dolls aren't nearly as popular as they used to be (thanks to the SD craze *_*!)  Still, I told myself that I wasn't going to improve at all by just thinking about painting!  So I bought myself some new brushes and started to work.

I had always wondered how some Japanese artists managed to do that nice brownish wash around the eyelids and corners of the eyes.  I had read all about painting the features in soft brown at first, and going over it in the actual eye colors, but the effect still seemed too hard-edged.  It never dawned on me to add the light brown wash AFTER I finished painting the eyes.  I still do them in light brown first, but I've found that you can't get that cool layered effect unless you blend the lighter color around the corners at the end.

And I bet everyone already knew that -_-;.......

I have to keep reminding myself that if I can't force myself to use each paint dab for only two little strokes of color, I have no future as an artist.   But when I'm tired, I tend to slack off ^_____^!


Leene's Comments:  What's wrong with green food? 6_6


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